Questions to Ask the Furniture Salesman

bIt’s advantageous to quickly build a bond with your furniture salesman the minute you walk in the door of the salesroom. They have expert knowledge of the industry and usually know all the best products to suit your needs. There are numerous questions you can ask them while you browse around the store, you may even snag a great bargain.

  • Can you get me a better price?

While looking around the showroom at furniture, you’ll see various price tags attached to each specific piece, it may seem like these are fixed prices but most of the time they aren’t. If you ask the salesperson on the floor how much a sofa or dining table is you are interested in, they’ll usually reply with the same price as displayed. But if you delve a little deeper you’ll find there is room for negotiation. If you happen to be browsing through furniture stores in Northern Ireland, you’ll find that each company has a different policy when it comes to discounts. The best person to speak to is your salesperson, they usually have the power to offer reasonable discounts on most items in store.

  • What is the most popular product on the market?

Salesmen are on the shop floor every day, dealing with a wide range of customers. They are knowledgeable on current design trends and know what products are popular amongst consumers. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction and explain why most customers are opting for a specific manufacturer or brand.

  • Are there any kinds of customised features?

What you see in the showroom isn’t necessarily all that’s on offer, there may be multiple options in the company’s catalogue, but they can’t fit all their items on the shop floor. Most products come in various colours, styles and designs so be sure to make inquiries about customised features before you purchase an item.

  • Will customised features cost more?

Some stores allow you to select one or two additional features without charge, while others will charge you for any requests that differ from the standard product on display. It is better to find out from the store before you purchase a product, you don’t want to end up with a bigger bill than you first anticipated. If the customisation is too costly, you can drop certain features to fit your budget.

  • What options do you stock in a similar price range?

It is important to ask about alternatives, if you find a piece of furniture that you are interested in, you should also inquire about products in the same price bracket. There may be better items available than the current one you are viewing, they may also be cheaper, saving you money.

Don’t be hesitant when speaking to your local salesperson, they are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to furniture and they can provide you with some useful information. They can also offer discounts on certain items, so it is good to build a rapport and try to get the best price possible.

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