Reasons Why Air-Conditioners Are A Blessing In Florida

Florida is the ideal location to live in with its notable extended coastline, numerous beaches and wonderful attraction sites. Some of the most well-known places here are Walt Disney World, Kennedy space center, Ron Jon Surf School, Miami Beach, Universal Orlando, Jungle Island, Key West, and Islands of Adventure among many other amazing locations. However, spending summers in Florida can be difficult as the climate is very hot and humid with daytime temperature soaring up to 32 C. The cool breeze during the evenings does provide some relief from the humid weather but not for long. So, a good air-conditioning system becomes a necessity during this season as the weather takes a harsh turn.


No doubt, air-conditioners are a blessing in the summers but the funny thing is, most of us are unaware of the most amazing facts about them. Before I bought my unit, I had no idea who invented the air conditioner, so I did some research on it. Let me share my findings with you.

One amusing fact about air-conditioners is that they were initially designed to control the humidity in a room and not for increasing coolness in a surrounding area. Moreover, an air-conditioner does not only operate to alter air to a favorable condition but also provides us with clean, filtered air which is a blessing to those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Another remarkable fact about air-conditioning is that some medicines could only be studied in a cool environment and we owe it to the air-conditioners for some of the greatest medicines and cures which were developed for mankind. Also, it is not very widely known that the first air-conditioner was used in New York Stock Exchange Building in 1903.

Prior to the air-conditioners people used to keep themselves cool with a block of ice or with hand fans. In 180 AD, a rotary fan was invented in China which had seven wheels and would cool a hall of people. Before air-conditioners became common, houses were also designed differently by architects, who built buildings with high ceilings, porches and certain landscapes to ensure that the occupants remain cool inside.

All in all, air-conditioning has benefitted us in many ways but its most effective task is to provide us respite from the scorching heat in summers. The advanced air-conditioners are only going to make things easier for us in future. With a majority of the companies like from only weld heading towards the reduction of chlorine from air-conditioners, we can expect ozone friendly units in future.


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