Restore Your Tile Roof by Repainting it

shutterstock 126751889You can increase the life of your tile roof by several methods. Use the services of a specialist that offers a range of roofing services. These services should include the following:

  • Roof cleaning
  • Roof repairs
  • Roof restoration
  • Roof painting

When you work with a provider that is committed to the restoration process, you can save a great deal of money. If your roof has faded, you may want to consider roof painting to freshen its look. Not only does paint upgrade a roof’s appearance but it also provides a barrier that protects it.

Giving Your Roof a New Life

To ensure your roof’s quality, you also want to make sure that all the needed repairs are made. Roof repairs for tile roofs are specialised and include pointing, glazing, and bedding. Restoration methods include replacing cracked tiles and installing new gutters. Everything is done to a high standard so that your roof functions as well as it looks.

Better Adhesion

With respect to painting, roof painters in Sydney use a paint that takes advantage of Teflon™ colour technology. This coating supplies a long-lasting glossy finish to your roof that will easily self-clean when it rains. The coating will indeed upgrade your roof’s performance as it features a 100% waterproof membrane. The coating adheres well to the tiles, thereby giving them a long-lasting striking appearance.

The Main Advantages of Repainting

If you want to find an economical way to restore the looks of a faded tile roof, this is the way to do it. For example, when the coating features a Teflon™ additive, it presents excellent absorption. It also feature a good spread rate. What you will receive in return are tiles that feature a beautiful gloss with good body.

Stay Cooler in the Summer

By using this coating, you can also turn your roof into a cool roof and save on energy. Adding the coating gives your roof just the lift that it needs to look sensational and help you save on energy. Depending on the colour you choose, your roof can realise a 30% to 90% total solar reflectance, or TSR. When a lighter colour is used that is more reflective, you can enjoy a cooler indoor temperature. In turn, you will use less energy to stay cool in the summertime.

A Trending Roofing Upgrade

Besides being the envy of the neighbourhood, you will save energy as well. Roof coatings for tiles are trending as they preserve the integrity of the roof with a waterproof membrane and keep the inside more comfortable.

If your roof has lost its original lustre, give it a boost by having it cleaned, repaired, painted, or restored. Work with one company that offers all these services so that you have one go-to source.a

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