Signs That Your Household Requires Mold Remediation

We can all agree that mold can cause severe issues to our general health as well as structural problems to the household in which we spend the valuable free time. If you wish to organize and de-clutter your home, you may find a hidden mildew somewhere.

Remember that mold is a natural part of the environment that surrounds us and it is efficient solution that plays role in the decay of organic matter. Therefore, it is vital for the decomposition process and without it, the world would be in a problem.

However, we are talking about outdoor mildew, but when you find it inside, that may be challenging to handle, and it will cause only problems if you neglect it.

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As soon as the mildew starts to grow on surfaces inside our households, it can cause severe health issues due to its toxicity. These health problems can range in severity based on factors such as your immune system as well as genetic predisposition.

Most common side effects include eye irritation and skin issues, nasal stuffiness, and respiratory problems. If you have chronic lung disease or asthma, mildew can cause severe breathing issues, and you may suffer horrible symptoms due to exposure.

Signs That You Have Mold Inside the House

The idea is to check for the signs that we will present you in the further text so that you can determine whether you have mildew growing in your home. If you have it, the best thing that you can do is to find professional help to use specific chemicals to treat it with ease.

1. Damp Odor

The first sign that something is going on with your household is the smell that exists indoors. In case you notice strange odor that never was there especially in humid rooms and areas, the chances are high that you have mold even if you cannot see it with bare eyes.

2. Water Spots

If you had recent issues with excessive water damage due to flooding or other situations where you had too much water inside your household and surface, you should conduct a professional inspection so that you can prevent breathing mold spores that may cause allergies.

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Standing water, for instance, is the best possible breeding ground for mold, which means that if you notice water stains on surfaces or anything damp on walls within your home, you should know that they are susceptible to mildew growth and it may encourage it.

3. High Levels of Humidity

Similarly, like water, humidity will also produce moisture, which is perfect environment for getting mold issues. Humidity is the companion of mildew, and in most cases, they go hand in hand.

You should have an air dryer if you have issues with excessive moisture, mainly due to an idea that you can check the percentage of humidity at any time.

Therefore, if you have humidity, which is above 60%, you are at high risk of getting mold infestation, and you have to do something about it.

4. Mold Discoloration and Spores

Have in mind that spores can come in the form of slimy and fuzzy discolorations on your walls. Remember that mildew is not always black, and you can find wide array of species that are visible in white, gray, red, brown and even some other colors.

Some of them look as fuzz while others look like dust or sand granules. If you notice spores on walls, it means that the infestation reached the critical point and you have to find professionals that will deal with remediation with ease.

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5. Leaky Pipes and Ventilation Problems

In case that you have or had issues with leaky pipes in your plumbing, you have a situation, which is perfect for mold growth. Even if you decide to fix the problem, excessive water can cause infestation that will grow if you do not call professionals.

At the same time, if you have rooms with lousy ventilation, the humidity will not go away as quickly as you want, and that will cause perfect environment for its growth.

You should always place exhaust fan or windows inside the bathrooms, windows, and even kitchens because cooking can produce steamy areas where moisture can accumulate and cause severe issues.

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