Signs You Need Roof Maintenance


Roofs are an important part of any household. It Shields you from Harsh weather, sunlight, rain and snow. But are you taking care of that important part of your household? The average lifespan of a shingle roof is nearly 20 years but it can prolong with little care from time to time.

If the house owner takes care of the roof a regular intervals then the huge cost of replacing will be saved. It will not only affect the structural integrity of the building but also make it dangerous to live there. Tampa roofing will secure rooms with roofing techniques and assure homeowners of their safety in the town. Before any roof gets damaged it shows some early signs. Here is the list of signs which indicate you need roof maintenance.

Water leakage

First and the foremost signs are water leakage. The water leakage can be identified by water stains, moisture in the attic or standing water dripping through the roof. Due to moisture, the roof can expand or contract in size with changes in temperature. It will affect the integrity of the roof and can cause cracks which will take too long to fix. Apart from the integrity of the house, the water accumulation can invite the growth of fungus and mildew which will spread throughout the whole house and affect your health. Therefore it is important to seal those cracks and leakage as soon as you spot them.

Peeling paint

The paint material is made up of an oil base. With building moisture, the paint starts to peel off from the roof surface. If you notice any change in roof paint colour or blistering in the end then it is a sign you need to call a roofing service for its repairing in maintenance

Roof granules in the gutter

When the roof is degraded or damaged it starts to release sand-like pieces from itself. The grand news and single pieces that are wearing off can be spotted in the gutter. If the amount released is large then you should contact roofers soon.

Light from attic

Leakage can be discovered on rainy days. But during sunny days or places where it is too hot, the whole cracks can be spotted from light coming from the attic. You can spot those whose wear sunlight is coming in and can seal them immediately. It is also a great way to inspect the total damage by switching off the light and closing the window blinds.

High bills

From these cracks, air and heat can enter the house which will affect the internal temperature of the house. To maintain a desirable temperature the system in the house will work harder and produce high and price energy bills.


As a homeowner, it is important to maintain their house. By noticing these signs, homeowners can save themselves from heavy repairs by calling roof inspection replacement and repair companies. It will prevent dangerous situations for life.

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