Simple improvements that will transform your home

Revamping your home is a task that you might have repeatedly put off out of a concern that the job would simply prove beyond you. After all, wouldn’t you need to remove much from your residence and embark on some serious expenditure to make changes that are truly meaningful?

Actually, making just a few minor changes can make a surprisingly big difference to your home’s overall look – and without requiring a daunting amount of effort on your part.

Apply a fresh lick of paint

With paint, you can change much of a room’s appearance in little time. Rest assured that no artistic skills are necessary for you to complete this task effectively, says AOL.

Get hold of basic supplies like brushes, rollers, trays, and drop cloths – not to mention painter’s tape to prevent sloppy dollops of paint ending up where you don’t want them. Furthermore, you could save money by doing the painting yourself rather than seeking professional assistance.

Purchase new carpets

While you might already be in the habit of obsessively vacuuming, your efforts could count for surprisingly little should the carpets have developed deep stains and worn edges. Once you have reached this point, buying new carpets can be wiser than getting the existing ones professionally cleaned. You might also find that the fresh carpets can resist stains noticeably better.

Refinish tired-looking kitchen cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are visually prominent in a room that is itself a residential focal point. For this reason, cabinets that look old and chipped can obviously seriously blight that space; however, it wouldn’t be strictly necessary for those cabinets to be ripped out and replaced with new ones.

A strategy likely to prove more cost-efficient is getting the old cabinets refinished. It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that this kind of change is capable of revitalizing the whole room.

Give your lawn a beautiful organic flourish

Your home’s lawn can be very influential on the first impressions that your residence garners. You don’t need help from a professional landscaper if you want to simply select some easy-to-maintain plantings and use them to replace ageing and dying bushes.

This little task could even help you develop an interest in gardening – perhaps to the extent that you start looking for plants that could be placed in other, currently untouched parts of the garden.

Replace your greenhouse’s glass with polycarbonate

While still outside, consider any greenhouse that you have. Do you know from which material its walls and roof are made? The answer might be glass, should the greenhouse be a traditional one. However, there could be significant long-term benefits of you getting that glass replaced.

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In the process, get this material replaced with polycarbonate. This has various merits; for instance, polycarbonate is more resilient than glass, as noted on The Telegraph‘s website. It can also filter out UV rays that could otherwise cause sunburn. You can order polycarbonate greenhouse sheeting from Varico; make sure you get as much as you will genuinely need.

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