Small Paint Project ideas to give your Home a Facelift!

After living in a home for years, you get used to what you see. This simply means that as years pass by, you tend to ignore the unsightly discolouration and blemishes. You are so used to the look that you hardly pay attention. It might be only when you want to sell your house or when someone is visiting you start to notice the flaws. 

But don’t worry! Luckily, you don’t have to do any major renovations to spruce it up. Yes, by simply repainting some areas you can brighten your home. There’s no better home improvement than painting as it gives your home a total makeover!

Here are some small paint project ideas suggested by expert painters in Sydney to make a big difference in the way your house feels and looks.

Front Doors:

Make a statement, starting with your front door. You walk through the front door every day, but have you stopped by and noticed how it is looking? Is the paint chipping? Is it looking dull? Is the colour outdated? 

Believe it or not, the front door has a lot to do with your home’s appearance. If your front door is old or looking dull, consider repainting it. Choose a shade that will brighten up and revive the entrance to your home. It won’t cost you a lot to repaint the front door, and the effect on your curb appeal is unmatchable.


How’s the interior trim looking? If you haven’t painted it for a while, the chances are that it’s looking grubby. The easiest way to brighten up a wall is by painting the trim. Pick a paint colour for the trim that complements the walls. While white is most common for trims, it is not your only option. You can also pick some contrasting hues. If you are still stuck and couldn’t decide let professional house painters Sydney do it for you.

The Hallway:

If you have small children, take a quick look at the hallway walls. What do you see? Dirt stains, and grubby fingerprints, right? Children seem to think that walls are made for them to play with. Just like the trim, it could be hard to remove the stains, and fingerprints from the walls. As the walls fade overtime, simply touching becomes nearly impossible. Repainting your hallway is usually the best way to go.


Usually, bathrooms need to be repainted before the rest of your house. That’s because of regular exposure to moisture, dust, and harsh chemicals in cleaning products. When it’s time to repaint your bathroom, choose a paint colour that works with the room’s light.

To refresh your home’s interior or exterior contact the best painters in Sydney. They will help you love your home again.

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