Solid Wood or an Engineered Floor? – A Comparison

If you are in the process of planning your dream home, sooner or later, your thoughts will turn to the flooring, and if you happen to live in Australia, you will be familiar with the popularity of a solid timber floor. For many decades, a range of timber species have provided the ideal material for quality flooring, ranging from extremely hard wood to something a little softer underfoot, which is ideal for living areas, and recently, engineered floors are increasing in popularity, and for many homeowners, this causes some confusion, so here is a brief overview of the two floor types.


What is an Engineered Floor?

An engineered floor would consist of a timber veneer that is pre-laminated to a backing board. The veneer would be between 3-5mm in thickness, and the process would be carried out in a factory, with additional layers added to increase durability. This type of floor can be floated on a suitable underlay, or fixed to the substrate for a more solid feel, and although it is much more affordable than solid timber, it still offers the beauty of wood and amazing durability.

The Benefits

As mentioned above, the cost of an engineered floor would be significantly lower than that of a solid timber covering, and when you consider how realistic an engineered floor looks, it is not surprising that many homeowners opt for the more affordable solution. Engineered wood floor also controls temperature and humidity, which is a great benefit.

Solid Timber Flooring

Flooring planks of around ¾ of an inch in thickness would be machined from selected timber, and with a wide range of timber species, each with different properties, you can choose something unique and ideal for your particular living environment. Of course, over the years, in a high traffic area, your hardwood flooring will become scratched and a little lacklustre, but with sanding and recoating, you have a completely new surface.

Quality Vs Affordability

Engineered flooring will suit a smaller budget, and for what it costs, will give you many years of good service, but for sheer quality and longevity, solid wood floors from Perth ticks all the boxes, and as an investment, it is certainly money well spent.

Sourcing the Right Supplier

Whatever flooring you decide on, sourcing the right supplier is essential, and it should be a local company that is already well-established. Ideally, they would offer the complete range of flooring, which would include both natural timber and composite solutions, and with their expertise, whatever flooring you choose, it will be professionally installed. There are online suppliers who carry an extensive stock of solid timbers and veneered flooring, and after some due consideration, they can assist you in your flooring selection and ensure a perfect installation.

Durability and elegance are both top priorities with flooring and whether you choose a solid timber or an engineered solution, both offer the homeowner many benefits, and by dealing with an established flooring company, you can be sure of the very best advice when it comes to choosing the best flooring for your home.

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