Some Things You Should Consider Before Choosing an Estate Agent

Estate Agents

Finding the perfect estate agent can be the most difficult and daunting decision that you as a home seller (or buyer) will have to make. And just why is that? Due to the fact that the difference between a good and a bad agent could well be in the thousands of pounds you will save.

Also and at the very same time, the property market has certainly gone through some changes. The old days of simply sticking a signboard up, waiting and hoping for a buyer to come, are long gone, so it’s vital to locate an agent who has an in depth understanding of what will get the task at hand carried out in the most professional and proficient manner. Here are important things for you to consider:

Does the agent have full knowledge of the area?

  • Make sure that you find respectable estate agents in the Havering area, who specialise in that district. Local knowledge of schools, demographics, public transport options and local attractions are extremely invaluable if dealing with any prospective buyers.
  • Your agent should be aware about anything which is coming up in your area. Things like new developments, new shopping centres or even incoming infrastructure, like new forms of public transport or road systems, can make all the difference to buyers.

Is the agent Aware of your target audience?

  • When sitting down with a prospective agent, question them on how they intend to portray your property – whom will they define as your target market? A good agent will clearly provide guidance on your property’s charms, and tailor your marketing strategy for that particular target market.

Does the agent use market data?

  • Professional agents should have access to an abundance of property information to assist them in making informed decisions when buying or selling a home.
  • A full grasp of local market data is crucial to getting your price guide, sale type and what it will take to set your property apart from others.

Ask the agent about his or her database

  • At the back of every good agent is a reliable database. Look into how your agent intends to advertise your home to their current database of buyers, but remember that while an agent’s database is of importance, it cannot be solely reckoned on.
  • The major driver of higher home prices is the competition between any buyers and the best way to create competition is to give your property the most exposure possible.

Commission or Fee

Even where there is a weaker market the very best agents will still be able to do business without any cutbacks on the size of their commission. It can be tempting to go with the agent with the cheapest fees but remember, when it comes to selling your home, you get what you pay for. Online agency fees are lower than those charged by high street agents, and are usually at a set rate instead of being a percentage of the selling price.

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