Start Deciding How To Sell Houses

We Buy Ugly Houses is an all-cash investment firm that operates on a franchise model. They purchase homes in disrepair well below market value. They then flip these homes and sell them for profit. This model could be a good fit for some, but there are other options, like working with a great agent. Companies like We Buy Ugly Houses purchase undesirable homes for cash. They then repair and resell those homes to make a profit. While there are many home investment companies that use this formula. Most of the companies use the tagline that we buy ugly houses which is the most famous one due to their nation-wide caveman marketing campaign. If you sell to a home investment company instead of a traditional buyer, you can essentially sell your fixer-upper as a turnkey home. You can avoid the responsibility of having to make any expensive renovations and upgrades. To do this, simply list your home as “for sale best offer” or work with a real estate agent to transfer it over. If you don’t have time to go through the traditional real estate process of listing, showings, inspections, negotiations, and closing, then you might also be an ideal candidate to sell to a company like We Buy Ugly Houses, even if you don’t think that your home is “ugly.”


Perhaps you need to move ASAP for a job, you need to relocate due to a sick family member, or you are going through a divorce and just need the house to be sold. The main drawback to selling your home to a company like We Buy Ugly Houses is that you are going to lose out on a lot of money. This isn’t necessarily a scam if you go into the situation already aware of this. However, many homeowners find out after the fact that the company made them an offer on their home that was significantly below market value, but presented as the best and only deal they were likely to get. Due to the quick “buy, flip, sell” model of We Buy Ugly Houses and other iBuyers, they operate on thin margins and can’t offer you a good price on your home. This is why selling your home to a company likes this is only really a good idea to a very specific type of homeowner. Investing even the smallest amount of money into your home can increase its appraisal value. If the paint is peeling, give it a fresh coat. If the lawn has died, set a watering schedule, plant some flowers, and add some fertilizer.

Invest in a plumber and electrician to come out and make vital repairs. Steam clean the floors to get rid of any mold or mildew. You will be surprised what a few days of hard work and a few thousand dollars can do. The benefit of using a company like We Buy Ugly Houses is that your home will tend to sell quickly. These companies have a very specific business plan that works only for a very specific type of buyer.

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