Steps for Fixing Rot on Wooden Windows and Doors in Edmonton

When the signs of rotting on your window or door are clearly visible, the process probably started long before you noticed it.  Accordingly, you need to urgently to do something about it. If you don’t, the entire window or door will soon fall apart. The only option is to make a full replacement or let your family suffer from the effects of cold Edmonton drafts, insect bites, direct sunlight and different kinds of attacks from bad elements including thieves and wandering hoodlums. If you are convinced that repairing the rotten parts is the best option, a few simple steps will get it done.

Remove the Rotten Wood

It is easy to remove pieces of wood softened by the rot. Nonetheless, there are rotten parts which are still hard, and it is important to also get rid of them. A chisel would come in handy in dislodging them. Remember that the rot may have travelled so deep or far into the wood that you may find that you are removing too much of it. In such a case, you will have to make a decision on whether you need to visit stores dealing with windows and doors in Edmonton for a replacement or you should go on with the repairs.  If you still go with the latter, you may need to fit temporary wood onto the structure to achieve stability when you work on it.

Prepare Space for New Wood

Depending on the damage brought about by the rot, you can choose to conduct any of the two types of repair. When only small parts of the wood are damaged, adding fillers will be enough. The process involves drilling of holes into the wood left after removing the rotten parts. Filler is then applied after soaking the area with consolidant before filing or sanding the area to achieve smoothness. On the other hand, extensive damage calls for cutting the old wood such that a regular shape of the space that the new wood will be fitted in is achieved. A hardener—which also serves as foundation for filler or glue—should then be applied on the edges or end grain.

Fit in the New Wood

The new wood pieces should be a perfect fit for the gaps left by the removed parts. Don’t worry if you don’t achieve perfection; little gaps can be filled up with adhesive. Remember to drill holes into the new pieces since they will have to be screwed onto the old wood to give time for the glue to settle in. Screw and glue the pieces, ensuring that the screws can be easily removed later or they are driven under the surface. Inevitably, the glue would have spilled out of the wood edges but you can easily trim it by use of a chisel to enable a strong grip when the filler is applied as well as achieve a proper finish after sanding.

Paint the Entire Structure

Before you apply new paint, you should have stripped the old paint off the entire window or door. In addition, you should sand the repaired areas. If there are voids and dips even after sanding, fill them up with vinyl patching compound. When it is dry, sand it again to achieve a smooth surface. The last step is priming and painting the repaired window or door.

Last Thoughts

Even windows and doors in Edmonton made from wood of the highest quality rot. Exposure to Edmonton weather conditions such as dampness and sunlight are some of the biggest factors contributing to rot. In addition, wood is one of the most favorite meals for termites. That said, repairing the wooden parts of your window or door can save you a lot of money if chosen over full replacement. The good part is that you can do it yourself.

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