The Advantages of Concrete

Whether you plan to lay down a new driveway or want to create a unique and interesting pathway from your back porch to the front door, the right materials make all the difference. Compared to asphalt, concrete is the only one of the two guaranteed to look stunning and provide minimal maintenance for decades after installation. This alone should make it possible for you to enjoy a beautiful and cost-effective paving project with no sudden unforeseen delays to slow it down.



Essex concrete and mortar ready mixed at the site of the project can be quickly poured into place to create nearly any type of design, texture, or pattern. Once dry and ready for use, you can drive heavy vehicles on it every day for years without the slightest sign of cracks or wear and tear over time. Simple maintenance during this time will increase the lifespan of your concrete, the most complex of which involves little more than washing the surface with water and a mild soap.


Today, you can dye concrete to reflect just about any colour you want, meaning that you can create an absolutely unique addition to your property. If you have the exterior of your property painted to a certain colour scheme, it may be a good idea to have your driveway and walkways reflect that colour. Perhaps you could try something completely new and experiment with the available textures but, whatever you do, it is sure to make your property shine compared to others in the neighbourhood.


Concrete is nearly always the more cost-effective option compared to other materials and this is due to the relatively simple nature of its composition. After all is said and done, you could save 10% or more if you choose concrete and you can still create a truly unique and eye-catching structure outside your home. This can add to curb appeal, impress potential buyers, or just make your property feel inviting to guests and family.


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