The Basics on Modern Window Designs and Styles

Window Designs and StylesToday, modern windows are available in a wide range of designs, and there are many differences in things such as opening devices and build, as well as glass. If you’re contemplating the replacement or renovation of your windows, or even fitting new catches, shutters or glazing, why not at the same time wise up in general with regards to the latest in newer types of windows with the information below.

Selecting the Ideal Windows

  • Before, the exact same type of material and mechanism for any newer windows would normally be chosen to match the ones being replaced.
  • However, with the large selection of replacement windows now available, many people deciding to upgrade the look and efficiency of their homes glazing by contacting specialists in glass repairs in Perth.
  • If you are thinking of replacing any windows at your home, or at a new one being built, you should consider the best in energy-efficient and looks.

Window Types

  • In former times, nearly all windows were side-hinged, and commonly known as casements, and sliding sash windows.
  • More updated opening devices such as friction and pivot hinges are these days increasingly popular.
  • If you’re in an older home, you will possibly need yours to be custom-made by professionals in the window trade.

Types of Window Materials

Windows come nowadays in different materials, with each of them having their advantages.

PVC-u (Vinyl)

  • PVC-u double-glazed, windows provide good heat and solid insulation.
  • Along with the standard white, there are now other colours and artificial wood-grain available.
  • Vinyl needs little upkeep.


  • Aluminium was at one time the most popular for new windows because their thin frame was the only kind which could support a large area of glass.
  • Aluminium also loses some heat from windows and has a bad habit of forming condensation.
  • Older aluminium windows also used to rust, although the newer design kind are coated with an anti-rust sealant in manufacturing to prevent it.


  • As you know, a long time ago, all windows were made from a wooden frame, and modern wood windows are actually making a large come back.
  • Hardwood was at one time very expensive, but is toady a lot more affordable.
  • You can repaint hardwood windows, but most users leave it with its great natural finish.
  • Softwood windows will have to be coated with paint or a natural wood finish, and regularly maintained.
  • New wood windows have all of the benefits of other window types plus the superb looks.

Various Others

  • Windows are also made from a combination of other materials.
  • Aluminium windows, for instance, will sometimes have a wooden core, and fitted with steel casements into wooden frames to help reduce heat loss.
  • There are frames available which have ornamental wood on the inside, and maintenance free fibreglass or vinyl exteriors.

Whatever the type of windows you finally decide upon to bless your home, you will be doing your home and yourself a great favour!

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