The Benefits of Sound Proofing Your Windows

Sound Proofing Your Windows

Windows that completely block sound from entering your home are exceptionally useful if you live in a crowded neighbourhood or regularly find your peace interrupted by various goings-on outside. New windows will have a notable effect on the amount of noise heard when spending time inside the apartment or home but there are also far more benefits to this cost-effective option for your home. Living in a busy, non-stop location can make a home feel as if half the neighbourhood is living inside the tea room with you and it can keep a tired individual up all night; however, all of that could change.

Valuation Increase

Sound proof windows can actually increase the value of a home, especially if you live in an area frequented by vehicles, people passing by, and other intrusive noises. This installation will add real value to your home because it will become an extremely big selling point for potential buyers and it may even cause a “bidding war” that will drive the cost of your home higher. These windows are an investment but the reduction of noise and increased value of the property will have your investment returned in the first year.


Sound blocking windows allow for light sleepers to finally get some well-deserved rest during the late hours of the evening and night, which is often difficult for homeowners near constant noise. Whether you have lively neighbours, live near a frequented road, or just have a lot of curious animals moving around the property, everything will immediately change with this installation. This is because the windows can block up to 95% of sound outside the home from entering the property unless you physically open the window and allow it inside.

Differing from popular belief, home dwellers of various ages need different minimum hours of sleep each night to get the most benefit. For example, young infants need an average of 12-15 hours each day, toddlers 11-14, and school-aged children need 9-11 hours to remain energised and healthy in both body and mind. For this reason, you cannot afford to take away whatever sleep they can get each night and having treated windows will aid in that resting period by allowing its length to be increased.

Living in the City

When you choose to live in a crowded area, it can be difficult to handle the shift in noise intrusion compared to a quieter location. However, having your windows sound proofed could allow you to love all the best benefits of living in a bustling city without being forced to listen to it all in the comfort of your own home. Rather than suffering through the difficulties of dealing with a loud and noisy city, you could choose to make city life more enjoyable by taking noise out of the occasion while you are home.

Sleep In

Whenever you find yourself with a few additional hours available in the morning, one of the most relaxing things that you can do is to stay in bed and relax during that time. Better yet, turn off your alarm and sleep the morning away without interruption with the help of your newly sound proofed windows. The professionals behind this service can have all of your windows installed in a matter of hours, which should allow you to hear a significant and simultaneous change for the better inside your home.

This way, you can take a nap in the middle of the morning, sleep into the morning, or take a nap after lunch without once being forced to wait for the silence to come around. You deserve to be able to spend comfortable time inside your own home. With sound proof glass surfaces, you can enjoy a higher quality of life for years and years with minimal maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Windows that are sound proof not only help you earn more money when selling your home but you also reduce your annual utility costs by positively impacting energy savings. After installation, you should begin to see a steady reduction in monthly energy bills due to a reduction in lost hot and cool air throughout the year. No matter if you have the heater or AC turned on, you will enjoy a more comfortable home without losing so much comfortable air through your glass surfaces.

Children Stay Asleep

Similar to you being able to take a nice long nap at your leisure, children who are easily spooked by sudden noises can now go to sleep and then stay asleep. Babies and young children need to spend half of the day or longer asleep, which can be difficult to make happen if your house is subject to any sudden outside noise. Rather than allowing your child to fall asleep and hoping that this time around, something outside the home will not interfere, you can take matters into your own hands and fix the problem permanently.

Reduce Dirt and Drafts

Reduce dirt and drafts entering the home with this completely sealed and protected window designed to keep absolutely everything outside the house from reaching the inside of the house. Due to the nature of their installation and design, you are less likely to experience drafts or dirt intrusion due to a problem with your windows even after years of use. This should keep your home more comfortable and reduce the amount of sand allowed into a property if it is in the path of a sand storm.


No matter how you look at this home improvement, it is something that can make your life far easier in the long run. This type of investment could appear costly at first but the benefits associated with the installation of these windows will quickly return that investment with interest. This is because these windows are stronger, more secure, durable, long lasting, and reliable through all days of the year and require minimal maintenance to clean.

To keep these windows beautiful and clear, simply wash with warm soap and a cleanser designed to treat glass surfaces. Your windows will keep noise pollution from entering your home and allow you to enjoy a more secure home throughout even the most extreme weather.

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