The Signs of Air Conditioner Problems

There are several different types of air conditioning that you could be using in your home. However, most of them operate on similar principles. Put simply, the air conditioner typically compresses some kind of refrigerant. That compression causes the refrigerant to heat up considerably. Then the hot refrigerant is pumped into an expansion chamber. In the expansion chamber, it rapidly expands. That rapid expansion causes it to rapidly shed its heat. The shedding of heat causes it to cool down considerably. Once it is very cold, typically, a fan blows air over the cooled coils. That cools the air and spreads it around your house. This is how most central cooling systems work. Therefore, if you have a problem with your cooling, you’ll know generally where the problem is coming from.


Thermostat Problems

Many problems actually begin with your thermostat. The thermostat measures the temperature in the room and controls your air conditioner. When the thermostat registers a temperature in your house above the set temperature, it will trigger the air conditioner. Therefore, if the air conditioner is not coming on, it could be a problem with the thermostat. It could mean that the thermostat is not properly registering the temperature inside, it’s not sending the right signal to your appliance, or some other range of problems. It’s a common source of air conditioning maintenance in Southampton. You’ll need to make sure that you call an expert early on. It could be a bigger problem than you realise.

Condenser Problems

In some cases, the air conditioner doesn’t blow very cool air. It blows air but the air is lukewarm. It could even be hot air. This means that something is likely wrong with your condenser or your expansion chamber. The refrigerant is condensed and heats up. It then expands and cools down. If your air conditioner is blowing hot air, the condenser is probably fine. However, the refrigerant is not expanding. If it’s blowing lukewarm air, then it could mean that the condenser is not properly condensing the refrigerant. If it is not properly condensing, then it is not going to be able to expand and cool down appropriately. That will lead to lukewarm air coming out of the vents.

Fan Problems

You can have problems with your fan as well. Fan problems will likely manifest as weak air flow coming from your air conditioner vents. You should first make sure that the filter is clean and clear. The unit needs good air flowing in to get good air flowing out. If the airflow into your machine is good, then it’s likely a fan problem. A fan problem can occur if the air conditioner unit is not maintained properly. That could lead to the moving parts not being properly oiled. Alternately, a fan problem sometimes manifests if you run the air conditioner too much. That could cause the supercooled refrigerant to freeze the fan and prevent it from spinning freely. A good air conditioning contractor can solve these problems and any other problems that might arise.

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