The Working of a Top Load Washing Machine

The first automatic washing machine was invented in 1851. Over the years, models, designs and functions have improved, and doing laundry has become easier. Today cars are in different styles, colors and sizes. While other machines are becoming popular, a top-loading washing machine is still at the top of its game in the market.

Clothes cleaning is a combination of three energies: thermal energy, mechanical energy and chemical energy. The mechanical energy of the fabric with the chemical energy of the detergent and the thermal energy of the water temperature combine to complete the washing task.

The Working of a Top Load Washing Machine

How does a top-loading washing machine work?

The size, specifications, price and design may vary from one brand to another and from one manufacturer to another. But the two main types of top loader:

  • Standard top loader: in the center there is a stirrer with a blade, which helps move clothes through the water from top to bottom in the wasmachine kopen A downward movement directs the detergent and water through the fabric.
  • High performance top loader: they are somewhat similar to a front washer; Its water drum also rotates along the horizontal axis. The water they use is half the amount a standard washing machine uses. They have a balanced pair of bearings, which reduces the wear and tear of mechanical operations.

In the two previous types of air loaders, the two most important components are the mechanical system and the control system. The mechanical system consists of a suspension system, belt, water valve, transmission, inner and outer housings, clutch, engine, engine clutch pumps and a mixer. The control system consists of a cover / lock switch, a water temperature switch, a load size switch, a timer and control panels.

For both types of top-loading machines, the user simply has to select the water temperature, the size of the load and the type of cycle, after which the tank is filled with water. In the case of a standard washing machine, the water covers all the clothes and then floats in a basket. A highly efficient washing machine consumes less water and does not completely cover clothes. During the washing cycle, the clothes are introduced into the water with a mixer.

Ideally, the engine that drives the gearbox is the one that moves or turns the agitator in one direction. The same water pump motor also rotates the wash water. The same motor pump allows you to drain water or remove water during rotation. Thanks to the use of new technologies and the development of designs, top-loading washing machines have become simpler and more convenient to use. Electronic control can be a bit complicated for users. But the touch control panel in some washing machines makes it a bit easier. But a drawback of the control panel is that if at least one of the buttons / switches does not work, then it is necessary to replace the entire control panel.

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