Top 5 Ways To Incorporate An Italian Style Bedroom

italian bedroom furnitureYou might always be thinking of revamping your bedroom. Among many options, the most trending style lately is an Italian bedroom décor. In case Italian décor was on your mind too, then you are going to experience the fine quality and exquisite essence in your bedroom.

Top 5 Ways to Incorporate an Italian Style Bedroom

Italian bedroom furniture like bed, chairs, side tables, wardrobe – Invest in some Italian furniture for your bedroom space. Get yourself huge beds that are painted in light and pastel colours. Make sure the design and shape of the bed back and side tables match the essence of Italy. The material used for the bedroom furniture can be wood or metal that looks sleek. The wood that you use for your bedroom furniture to incorporate Italian look must be painted in very dark shades of brown or dark chocolate or like rich wine colour.

Italian themed murals on walls and ceilings – The parts of walls and ceiling that are painted in special themes are called murals. You could paint a mural yourself or hire a talented artist with a precise work of art. You can get your ceiling or some parts of the wall painted. You could get a scene painted that your family most defines with. Or you can simply choose a painting that mellows with the vibe of your overall bedroom look. The roots of painting murals come from Italy itself. Hence, having murals alongside Italian bedroom furniture would give the entire room a feel of Italian décor. You can choose to have scenery painted on the walls like a sunset, mountains and rivers or even an episode of your own life.

Italian wall hanging décor items – Along with getting murals painted you must give your walls a changed look by adding some wall hangings around your bedroom. As a suggestion, don’t fill all the sides of your room with murals. Let the primary wall be painted, include the ceiling if you like and add beautiful Italian themed décor on the rest of the walls in your bedroom. Hang some paintings, artefacts, decorative mirrors and frames.

Neutral and pastel colours for the entire wall palate – Choose neutral colours for the background of the entire room. You would require to keep the room colour temperature warm. Italian bedroom décor does not look too bright. You can surely have colourful hints here and there within your bedroom over the neutral background. But the thematic colour needs to be one of the shades of light grey, cream, off white, beige etc. holding the same tone throughout the room.

Italian décor lights – Light sconces are wall-mounted lamps that are highly recommended as a part of the Italian home décor. They are beautiful lamps that face upwards or downwards with the wall. They bring more elegance to your bedroom and can be placed around your paintings and wall hangings.

After you have incorporated the look, give the Italian bedroom furniture a hint of golden or rustic colours for the profoundness and elegance. It would add up to your Italian vibe.

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