Traditional Garden Fencing and Fixtures for a Touch of Elegance


If theres one thing Australian homeowners are passionate about, it is their outdoor leisure area, and with such amazing summers, its hardly surprising that we prefer to spend our downtime on the terrace. Indeed, the entire garden area is typically well-utilised and that would include fencing and gating, of course. Timber is usually the preferred material for garden fencing, and there are specialist fencing companies that offer a range of stylish solutions that are tailored to blend in perfectly with the property.

Timber Bollards

If you fancy some unique garden fencing, there are bespoke hardwood timber bollards in Brisbane, and with a timber rail affixed to the tops, this can make great partition fencing, or even just an attractive feature that gives the lawn area some depth and colour. Sawn Baychester bollards are a great feature for medium to large grassed areas and make a great land divide between pathways, lawns and flower borders. Some homeowners like to have chain linking affixed to the timber bollards, which adds a touch of style and elegance to any outdoor setting, and by talking to a fencing specialist, you might be surprised at just how many fencing options there are. Timber bollards make an excellent divider for the driveway and lawns, with regular spacing and precision cut posts that all bevel to the same angle, and by using timber, you are keeping in line with the rustic image of the property.

Rustic Fencing

For that real country look, why not have some rustic timber fencing fitted? No matter the size or shape of your outdoor area, stylish timber fencing in panel or slat form will add style and elegance to any garden. One of the reasons why slat fencing is so popular is you can choose your own slat sizes and create the right balance between visibility and privacy. By using the right stain, you can match the timber fencing with other timber features in the garden and using seasoned timber ensures a high level of durability.

Vertical Timber Rails

This arrangement is very aesthetically appealing and the fencing can be designed to perfectly match the surrounds, and if you would like to see some classic examples of how varied you can be with vertical timber fencing, a Google image search will give you some inspiration, or failing that, ask an established fencing contractor to visit you at home and he can show you some examples of previous projects.

Rope and Hook Fencing

You might have an area of the garden that sometimes requires vehicle access and with elegant woven rope that is attached with small hooks, you can open or close an area in a flash. With precision cutting, the rope attachments can all loop with the same curve, giving your fencing that much needed symmetry. The same effect can be utilised with chain linking in either black or white, which you might have seen in model gardens and National Parks.

If you are at all concerned at how your fencing blends in with the existing setting, talk to an experienced fencing contractor and he would be happy to point out all of your options.


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