Trendy Living Room for a Bright 2018

Living Room

Not too late to set up a trendy home interior for 2018! You don’t need to feel bad that we’ve already left January and yet you haven’t changed anything inside your house. We know you’ve been so busy with a lot of celebrations at the start of the year and you barely have time to look into your home interior and redesign it for 2018.

A tip though. You don’t need to overhaul the arrangement of your whole house to refresh its interiors. All you have to do is to recreate your living room and poof! It would seem like you’ve redecorated the entire house. Less space to redesign means less time and less hassle to do it. Here are some of the ideas to give your living room a suitable 2018 look.

Sunny yellow to sunset inspiration

For 2018, we’ve seen the lavish sunny yellow to sunset palette in living rooms recreated by famous interior designers. Sunny and sunset tones can easily be incorporated in your own living room by opting for bright yellow furniture, dark orange shelves, or a sunset palette for the wallpaper.

Velvet sofa

The soft texture and elegant feel of velvet is never to be underrated this 2018. Now that sophistication and glamour spell out living room design trends, velvet would be the best addition for this area of your house. You can either buy an all-new sofa set with velvet sheets or just top your old furniture with velvet covers to update it. Eitherway, this element will shine among all the other decors. With its alluring texture, it will surely be the center of attraction.

Multi-level bare shelves

As the years go by, interior designs lean towards a more minimalist and clean look. That includes all elements from furniture and fixture to little decorations, even paintings. One of them that has been decorated to become conspirators for a gorgeous minimalist living room are shelves with no walls. When you place books and succulents on this shelf, it would be an automatic stunner inside the house. Choose orange to dark brown shades for this kind of shelf to go along with your sunset-inspired living room. Although there are limited designs for bare shelves, you can hire pros providing recommended handyman services to build customized shelves for you.

Quoted walls

Qouted wallsAnother living room design idea that you can easily DIY is customized wall with a striking quote. Now, that’s a real head-turner. Incorporate a one- to two-liner quotation that is easy on the eyes and catchy.

Country feels

Add an antelope or a deer head decor to the center of your living room wall or install some country-inspired elements on the ceiling like large wooden frames. Any rustic addition will definitely create the country feels inside your living room.

Royal tones

This 2018, we’re also seeing purple and brass as major colors and textures inside living rooms. They set a royal tone to the most-used part of your house. You can add them to yours by opting for brass-colored or actual brass chandeliers and purple covers for your sofa. As we mentioned earlier, velvet sets the tone for 2018 so you may want purple velvet sofa chairs that would make everyone in your house feel like a majesty.

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