Two Seated Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofa is an amazing piece of interior and finds its use everywhere from a household furniture to the furniture in hospitals and offices. It is designed according to the place where it’s placed.


It is available in different color ranges like emerald green to brown and many other color schemes. It is elegantly styled with tufted back, buttons and curved arms that give it an antique look. Therefore, it is thought to be the oldest sofas in history. It is well known since the time of earl chesterfield.

With the advancement in time, these sofas are getting more advanced. Therefore, are still found in the living room, hospital’s lobby and other waiting areas. Two seated chesterfield sofa is one of the advancement in these types of sofas. It never gets out of date due to its specifications and advancements that are being made by hardworking craftsmen.

Tufted lower back with buttons let you to relax after painstaking day. These being reasonable in price, are found to be chosen by people for various purposes. It’s hardwood frame ensures its sturdiness and makes it to be used for longer period of time.

Being sturdy in nature it is proved to be cost effective. A two seater chesterfield sofa can be a multipurpose sofa. It can be your grandma’s comfort zone or your favorite couch to sink in to watch a late night movie. It can be a point of attraction in your living room or your pet’s favorite place to hide. All depends on your purpose of use and place to keep at.

Comfort can be added by putting cushions at back. Buttons define whether the sofa is of contemporary style or classic styles. You can get a ready-made sofa or you can request a custom made. The foot style adds beauty and make it more attractive. You can choose the foot type according to your desire like wedge foot, square foot etc.

To create exceptional beauty, velvet fabric is used. However, if you are being a sofa to be used in a rough environment, go for leather. The color of the fabric can be opted according to your choice. For long lasting sofa, you can opt for a leather fabric that is easy to clean and maintain. Type of fabric and color of fabric can be chosen according to the décor around the place.

Two seater chesterfield sofa is best considered with the length of 166cm, height of 92cm and depth of 80cm. Foam filled back and pocket sprung base make it more supportive and comfortable to sit. To add more comfort you can go for a chesterfield with footstool.

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