Using an Electrician’s Services for Underfloor Heating


Many people in the UK are seeing the advantages of using underfloor heating over traditional radiator-type heating. That is because underfloor heating offers a significantly more consistent and even flow of heat in the home. By contrast, a radiator system will lose a considerable amount of heat when it is regularly used.

No More Annoying Sounds

In addition, when underfloor heating is used, it is easier to clean floors, as they will dry rapidly. This type of heating system also prevents the discolouration of paint or the peeling of wallpaper. Underfloor heating, also known as radiant heating, also offers the highest levels of comfort whilst maintaining an even temperature throughout a home. You will not hear the ticking of expanding pipes in voids in the floor when a radiant heating system is used.

Extra Energy Savings

That is why providers of electrical services in Worthing often install or fix the wiring that is connected to this type of heating installation. This type of heating system is revered because of its cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness, hygienic enhancement, and optimisation of space. For example, when a system is wired for radiant heating, a homeowner can cut down on their energy usage by as much as 15% to 40%.

No More Dust Mites or Respiratory Distress

In addition, because there is a small variation between the floor surface and above-ground air, the system is virtually self-regulating. Not only that, but underfloor heating also reduces the incidence of dust and dust mites, which is a great benefit to anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma. This is because the moisture content of a radiant heat system is too low to encourage the formation of mites.

A Total Optimisation of Space

Plus, when a heating system is wired for underfloor heating, every square metre is fully used. Therefore, this type of system supports both energy and space conservation at the same time. In addition to underfloor heating, electricians today also work on a number of other domestic projects that are valuable to homeowners as well.

Other Electrical Services Offered in the Home

Electricians can also handle part rewires, security lighting, LED lighting, CCTV installations, and remedial works too. You can also use electrical service providers to ascertain the operational efficiency of the electric appliances in your home.

Make Sure You Choose a Full-service Electrical Provider

In the commercial arena, electrical experts are used for factory refits, school refurbishments, PAT testing, and air conditioning services. So, as you can see, the provider you use to assist you in making an underfloor heating upgrade can also help you when you need other services, such as a lighting upgrade.

Whatever your reason for having an electrical upgrade or repair made, make sure you have the support of a full-service provider – someone who is involved in all aspects of electrical servicing, inspection, testing, and repair. By using a company that is fully committed to electrical services and repair, you can ensure your family’s safety and comfort and your business’s operational efficiency.

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