Wardrobe Designing Tips For The Sports Enthusiast

If you are a sports enthusiast, planning your storage can be difficult. This is because you can own many large sports items. These can take up a lot of space in your regular or walk-in wardrobe and make it impossible for you to fit everything. As a result, your bedroom wardrobe may get cluttered and messy. However, this does not mean that sports enthusiasts cannot keep their wardrobes organised. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help to ensure that your wardrobe stays organised:

01 of 06 Choose the wardrobe design accordingly

There are various types of bedroom wardrobes you can choose for your home. Choose a customised wardrobe design idea so that it caters to all your needs. You can easily divide the wardrobe into different sections so that you can store all your clothes categorsiedly. This will help you to find and access your clothes easily. Make sure you create a separate sports section in your wardrobe as well. From your bat and hockey stick to jersey and helmet, everything should have a dedicated spot so that you can grab them quickly. Creating a separate drawer for all your sportswear is a great idea as you will be wearing and washing them quite frequently. A completely disconnected space from the rest of the storage can be a great idea.

02 of 06 Create a storage space for valuables

Money and gold are not the only valuables people store in their bedroom wardrobes. Documents and items carrying sentimental values are important as well and should be stored in a safe place. Sports enthusiasts who collected many trophies, medals, or certificates should store all the items in a safe place. This will help to ensure that they stay safe. Installing a locker that can be opened with a number combination or a modern locker featuring a biometric scanner will help to keep all these valuables safe and secure in your wardrobe. If you want to display the trophies and give your home decor a more personal touch, you can opt for open storage with transparent glass doors. While the prizes stay displayed, they will be safe as well.

03 of 06 Make use of the hanging space

Both regular and walk-in wardrobes have separate hanging spaces. This hanging space is essential to store your formal clothes. It will help to ensure that your clothes do not get crumpled or folded. In most wardrobes, the lower section of the hanging space goes to complete waste. You should try to come up with storage ideas if you want to make use of space efficiently. This area can be used for storing your sports items without sacrificing a lot of space. Just buy small boxes and place them in the lower section of the hanging space. You can store small items in this space like your gym gloves, swimming goggles, etc. It will help to reduce clutter in the wardrobe and ensure that it stays organised. For added convenience, always choose transparent boxes so that you can easily check for any item without opening all the boxes.

04 of 06 Storage space for your undergarments

When designing storage, you must always keep in mind that a separate storage area is required for your undergarments. If you are a sports enthusiast and own many sports undergarments, you store all of them in one place so that you can access them easily. Creating a separate drawer for storing your undergarments is a great idea. You may consider keeping other items in the drawer like ties, belts, cufflinks, makeup, and jewellery but all your important and expensive items should be kept in a different place.

05 of 06 Hang caps on hooks

You must not let free space go to waste in your wardrobe design idea. You must install accessories like hooks to make use of the space efficiently. Hooks are great for hanging various items. The items will always stay visible and will be easily accessible when required. If you own lots of caps, you can hang them on hooks to save space. Do not install just one hook. They are very beneficial and can be used for storing various items. In many wardrobe designs, a series of hooks are installed on the backside of the door for creating more storage space.

06 of 06 Keep all the sticks together

Large sports items like hockey sticks and cricket bats can occupy a lot of space in your wardrobe. You should be careful when storing them. Creating a separate drawer for all these items is a great idea. However, if they are not stored organisedly, you may find difficulties while searching for something. This is why a large tall basket can be used for storing all these items. If sufficient space is available in the lower section of the hanging space, you can place the basket there.

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