What Is a Green Roof

A green roof or a living roof is one that is made with actual vegetation on the roof. They are designed to help reduce the heat escaping or entering into a house through the roof. Also, they provide something more pleasing to the eye than just a standard roof. Finally, they provide extra space for growing vegetation and help to absorb carbon that is released into the atmosphere. If you are looking for a roof, a green roof might be right for you.

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The Benefits

There are many benefits to a green roof. You should ask a roofing company in Virginia Waters about green roofs.

  • The roof is made of a waterproof membrane.
  • On top of the membrane, you have soil and vegetation that grows in the soil.
  • The soil and the thickness of the vegetation act as insulation for the roof, reducing the amount of heat that is lost through the roof.
  • The vegetation also acts as a trap that collects carbon.

Environmental Benefits

For many people, the environmental benefits are the best part of a green roof. The leading cause of heat increases in the atmosphere is carbon that is trapped in the atmosphere. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen but they hold onto the carbon. A green roof is a very small step in reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. It will also help you use fewer fossil fuels to heat your house. The soil and the vegetation are very efficient insulators. You might even see a reduction in your energy costs.


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