What Is An Energy Efficient Home?

How to build energy efficient home Floyd Energy RatingsThere are many ways to make your home energy efficient, starting from effective insulation to purchasing some smart home gadgets that can help you save on energy bills. Let’s explore some things in detail that can help you be more energy efficient

  1. Ensure your attic is well insulated

Insulating the attic in your house impacts, both the heating and the electricity bill. Having proper insulation prevents the heat from the sun from penetrating the top floor on your house and in the winter proper insulation keeps the warm air from escaping.

  1. Purchase and install energy efficient windows

Hiring a good windows and doors company and replacing your windows carriers a lot of benefits. Getting high energy efficient windows installed can help keep the heat inside in the winter and prevent the heat from warming up your house in the summer. Energy star rating is the most common rating you will see on windows and doors. However, it is important to note that not all energy start rated windows offer the same level of efficiency. Some other ratings to look at is U-factor/U-value, Solar Heat gain coefficient, R-value and energy rating (ER).

  1. Replace your thermostat

Getting a smart thermostat can help reduce your bills in a few different ways. It can be programed to work at certain hours, it can also be synced with some third-party applications that will allow for the thermostat to turn your systems on whenever you are within a certain distance from your house. You can connect your thermostat with your provider Reliant Energy rates to see how much power you’re spending in real-time and be more conscious about it.

  1. Replace your light bulbs

This might seem like a small one but some houses that have ceiling lights in multiple rooms can eat up a lot of electricity if the bulbs are not energy efficient. It’s always worth it to make a one-time investment in high energy LED lights and having all the bulbs replaced.

One last thing to note is you can save on your energy bills by following your local electricity supplier’s peak times and only using the major appliances outside of peak times.

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