What to Do When your Double Glazing Needs Repairs

If you already have installed double glazing in your home, you are in the majority, as most UK homeowners have realised the many benefits, and as the years pass, minor issues begin to surface. A common problem is misty glazed units, which occurs when the hermetic seal is broken, thus allowing air inside the sealed unit, which causes misting and condensation. Fortunately, there is affordable local window repair services in Warwick, who can easily be found with an online search, and they can repair a whole range of problems, which include the following:

Double Glazing Needs Repairs

  • Broken Hinges
  • Broken Glazed Units
  • Misty Sealed Units
  • Faulty Locks

After a few years, replacement windows will eventually require some attention, and in many cases, the double glazing company that installed the windows is no longer in business, which means you have no warranty. In such cases, you should contact a local company that specialises in window repairs.

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The harsh UK climate is the reason for condensation, as the cold air outside meets the warm air inside your home, and with double glazing, this should not be an issue, as the sealed units are hermetically sealed, creating a vacuum in the sealed unit. If this seal should ever become compromised, the glass will mist up on the inside, and once that happens, it is only going to get worse over time.

Replacing Sealed Units

The majority of double glazing problems involve a faulty sealed unit, and the specialist window repair company can fabricate a new unit to exact dimensions, which means it will fit like a glove.

If your windows are in need of repair, talk to your local window repair centre, who can carry out effective repairs.

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