When should you opt for Pedestal Fans?

Pedestal fans are similar to table fans they have less diameter and they have a powerful motor. Unlike the table fan the pedestal fan has one long leg or the central rod on which it is made to stand. The fan has a lower coverage air for the circulation of air if the fan is idle on the central rod. The oscillation about the central rod (it can also be interpreted as half rotation about the central rod) allows it to cover more area for circulating air but the whole area gets gusts of air intermittently with very small intervals.

The pedestal fans are usually placed in the corner of the room where it is said to cover the maximum possible air for the circulation of air. A single pedestal fan may not be effective if the room is very big and it is an open hot place. The fan is very effective if the flow of air is needed in a relatively small area or moreover concentrated to a definite area. The fans are also efficient and don’t consume very much energy and by studies it is found that these fans operate on an energy intake of 50-55 watts.

The pedestal fans cannot be used everywhere as indicated earlier as these are fans which are bulky thus they cannot be deployed everywhere and these are no longer used in day to day life. Since they require space to operate thus they are not preferred in confined spaces. These do little or nothing to improve the air quality being circulated and this is one other reason why they have been phased out from day to day usage from the household. But there are places where the best choices that can be made is to buy pedestal fans, few of these places or times are as follows:

  • These pedestal fans are extremely efficient in office spaces especially the offices in India which have the 19-20th century architecture and thus these very offices have a problem that the ceiling fans are not very efficient in these offices, despite being hanged by a long rod. The rooms here are not very big yet not very small and the airflow needed is to be concentrated to definite region which is the speciality of the pedestal fans and the option of adjustable height in the pedestal makes it more appropriate.
  • Pedestal fans can be used at a place of gathering in a large numbers to make up for the airflow gaps and these are ideal because they are more powerful and create a better airflow due to more angular velocity of the blades.
  • It can be used when airflow is needed for two or three people in the open, maybe garden or the lawn and here due to the open environment the air quality also remains good thus it negates the negative quality of the pedestal fans. Since airflow is required for very less people thus there is fast breeze of air and almost no intermittency which is good
  • The pedestal fans are a good options to be used in garage as they provide fast airflow and the ceiling of the garage is usually low thus ceiling fan is not possible.

Apart from this the fan can also be used in a mid-sized room with an average ceiling placed just in front of the window where it helps to cool the room by aiding in circulation along with the ceiling fan and also helping in ventilation through the window on the opposite wall.      

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