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Sheds can be built in a garden or can be used as security buildings. Usually, sheds are constructed to a customer’s specifications and therefore are considered bespoke structures. The building may be configured in apex style or pent style, depending on your preferences. You can see some different designs on the website.

Pent and Apex Sheds

While a pent shed features a single slope for its roof, an apex shed displays two slopes which form an upside down “V.” The highest point for an apex shed is the shed’s middle. On the other hand, a pent shed’s highest point is the location where you walk inside the building

Making a Buying Decision

When making a selection for sheds in Wellingborough, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Will you be working in the building? If you choose an apex design, you can walk on either side of the structure and hang tools in the building. If you are taller than the door on a pent shed, you may struggle while entering or exiting the structure.
  • Will you use your shed for storage? Either a pent shed or an apex shed will suit your needs if you plan to use the building for storage. Again, an apex design enables you to move about with more ease. Sometimes, the roof space in an apex shed can be used for storage too. You can store items such as oars or fishing rods in the area. You can also build shelving around a pent shed door for extra room.
  • Where do you plan to erect the shed? Typically, a pent shed looks best when it is placed next to a fence or wall. Alternatively, an apex shed looks better when set in a garden.

Needless to say, when it comes to a bespoke design, you need to contemplate your selection and design requirements carefully. Just remember that the number of slopes on the roof is the main difference between an apex and pent shed design.

The Focus Is on Storage

If you wish to convey a timeless or traditional appearance to your shed’s design, you may want to opt for an apex shed. If you prefer a more contemporary look, you will like the stylish look of a pent shed style. Naturally, you still have to consider what your likes and dislikes are, where the shed will be placed, and how it will be used. If you want to use your shed primarily for storage, a pent shed is usually the best choice.

Before you make a selection, also think about the materials that will be used to build your shed. For gardens or backyards, nothing beats the beauty of timber. You can also have small structures such as summer houses or cabins developed along with your shed. Any of these rustic structures can increase your storage or living needs at an economical price.

Whether you want to install a backyard office or wish to add a storage building to your garden, you can enhance the value and kerb appeal of your property by including a small structure made of premium wood materials. Look at the selection online today to obtain a better idea of the types of buildings that are available.

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