Where to Buy Solid Wood Tables in Singapore

Where can I buy solid wood table in Singapore? One of the best ways to turn your house into a tropical paradise is by buying cozy furniture made of quality natural materials. If you live in Singapore, you understand how it can be challenging to find the best dealer to purchase solid wood tables. Those looking for a cheap and quality buy, keep reading to discover various places to buy solid wood tables in Singapore.

Top Furniture Shops to Buy Solid Wood Tables in Singapore

1. Wood Capitol

Wooden furniture lovers will be very familiar with this name in Singapore. As the name implies, Wood Capitol is the perfect place to find solid wood furniture that are sturdy, reliable and definitely gorgeous.Since 2015 this solid wood furniture specialist has been crafting carefully selected pieces of raw wood from Indonesia and South America.

Is solid wood furniture best?

Solid wood furniture is certainly an aesthetic choice for your homes.

2. Journey East

This furniture store in Singapore is well known for its beautiful; restored retro wood and retro art. Journey east was started in 1995, offering industrial-styled furnishing, vintage offering, and modern furniture pieces. This store for furniture supplies its furniture products both locally and internationally. If you want a good table that can last for long, the Journey East is the best furniture store to visit Singapore.

3. Soul & Tables

If you are looking for a trusted furniture store to select quality tables in Singapore, Soul & Tables is the best place to be. They offer favorite pieces of furniture which are of the right quality under one roof. Soul & Tables claims to be driven by the high standard of customer service, offering Singapore residents’ furniture made from the best materials. If you wish to receive a more convenient, seamless, and comprehensive shopping experience, you should consider visiting the Soul and Tables furniture store.

4. Scanteak

This is one of the top leading furniture stores in Singapore that offers quality and beautifully designed furniture. Since their furniture is made from teak wood materials, you are guaranteed the durability and elegance of the tables you will buy from this furniture store. The furniture offered by Scanteak is affordable, sturdy, and stylish. Visit this store and get the best shopping experience.

5. Noden

Noden is an independent furniture store located in Singapore that was established in the year of 2013. Since 2013, Norden has been offering Danish design and Original Vintage Scandinavian quality pieces of furniture. This is the place that you will find beautifully designed furniture such as tables. Noden furniture store has quality furniture designed by the most celebrated designers, architects, and cabinet makers.

6. Namu Furniture

If you want uniquely designed furniture in Singapore, visiting Namu furniture will be the best choice to make. Their pieces of furniture are practical in design, beautiful, and sold at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for dining benches or tables, dressing desks, tables, and side tables, Namu furniture has everything for you.

7. Grey And Sanders

Here is another leading premium wood slab seller or retailer in Singapore and the best place to purchase quality solid wood furniture. Whenever you are looking for tables that can bring modern sophistication to your house, the best place to visit is the Grey and Sanders furniture store in Singapore. This furniture store is the right place for those looking for affordable and stylish furniture. The store offers excellent quality and design to their customers planning to purchase from their store.

Where can I buy solid wood table in Singapore?

Style and design should be an essential thing to consider when buying tables in Singapore. Ensure that you have determined the versatility and functionality of the table you want to purchase in Singapore. Look at the cost together with the durability of the tables that you want to buy. Shoppers looking for a solid wooden table to purchase should visit the Wood Capitol furniture store in Singapore.

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