Which is Better, Steel or Fiberglass French doors?


image1Installing a new set of French patio doors, or replacing your old ones, is serious business. The material you use for the patio doors determines the level of durability, value for the price, and of course, the aesthetic features of the door. When it comes down to it, there are only two materials worth the consideration for your French patio doors. Which is better then, to use steel or fiberglass for your French patio doors? Read on to find out the unique features of these materials.

  1. Security 

The first and most important function of your patio doors is to protect the inhabitants of the building. As a result, security is a vital feature that should advise your decision when choosing patio doors. Steel patio doors are generally stronger due to the material and nature of the patio doors, they are harder to breach than fiberglass. So, when it comes to security features, steel patio doors have the edge.

  1. Energy-saving

When it comes to energy-efficiency, both fiberglass and steel patio doors are better than traditional wooden patio doors. However, fiberglass ranks higher than steel when it comes to adaptability to weather and time. Fiberglass expands and contracts according to the weather, without affecting the temperature inside. They also have a longer lifespan when it comes to bearing weather conditions than steel patio doors.

  1. Durability 

These two have individual features that vouch for their durability. Steel patio doors can withstand kicks without caving in but it is more likely to scratch and dent than Fiberglass. On the other hand, fiberglass can crack under enough pressure, because it is a lightweight material. Fiberglass doesn’t rust over time, but Steel can withstand pressure. They have different levels of durability. 

  1. Cost 

Based on the quality of the material, style and size, there is a wide range of costs. Generally though, installing a steel door costs less than it would to get a fiberglass door. A high-quality fiberglass French door costs upwards of $5000, meanwhile a high-quality steel French door costs upwards of $2000. They are both great options so it really depends on your budget capacity and personal taste for design. 

  1. Maintenance

Neither of these types of patio doors needs extensive maintenance culture to keep them in good condition. For steel patio doors, you can’t hose them too often else they may start to rust. However, you can oil them frequently and wipe down as you see fit. Fiberglass, on the other hand, can be hosed down at low pressure to avoid dents. You can also paint and repaint them for a fresh look. 

Steel or fiberglass; whatever you end up choosing, make sure that it fits your actual needs beyond the aesthetics. For installation, you can reach out to a local contractor or construction company to ensure that the job gets done as professionally as possible. 

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