Why It Is Important To Get The Inspection For Damp Proofing?

Damp proofing, Essex encompasses a wide range of treatments that prevent excessive moisture from entering a building and protect it from resulting structural damage. Water can get absorbed into a building through the floors or walls and make way into the building’s interior spaces. This can lead to ensuring of various kinds of structural damage including dry and wet rot in the timber. It also makes the building prone to mould and fungus growth. As a result, not only there is a compromise in the safety and longevity of a building, but it also exposes the occupants to the risk of development of allergies and other health conditions.

What conditions cause damp in a building?

  • The biggest factor leading to damp in a home is condensation. At certain times, warm air laden with high humidity hits the solid surfaces of the home (usually in night and morning time) like walls and there is a thin layer of wet covering. Such kind of condensation occurring regularly in the home would lead to various problems; especially mould growth and timber damage.
  • Another factor contributing to the damp in a home is due to rising damp. During the construction of a home, a damp proof course is installed. This prevents excess moisture in the surrounding from entering into the inside of a home.
  • It can be seen as a distinct black line that is found 15 cm above the level of the ground. However, if the damp proof course is not working properly in a building, it would make the home prone to damage by excessive water absorbed through the ground.
  • Apart from this, buildings are also exposed to the threat of the water penetrating through decayed window seals and other weaker areas of a house.
  • The excessive moisture inside a home would soon lead to varied problems like the peeling of wallpapers, tidemarks and dark marks due to black mould. Moreover, it would lead to problems like dry and wet rot in timber.

Why you need damp proofing?

Though, it may seem that getting rid of some dark spots in a building is not difficult and you do not require spending on damp proofing. However, these are signs of many serious problems related to damp in the house. Problems like dry rot can spread at an incredible speed throughout the home leading to significant structural damage.

That is why, it is imperative to get professional help and inspection for your home from damp proofing Essex experts, to prevent damage due to damp in your home.

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