Why should you waterproof your basement?

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Even though paid the least attention due to its location in the home, the basement is a very important part of your house and can be of great use when properly managed. Basement waterproofing is a major improvement that will bolster the integrity of your foundation, increase comfort, and enhance your basement’s usability.

Water from rain or melted snow can end up in your basement either through leaks or cracks. Even when your basement is made of concrete, water can still get in through capillary action. This water can cause a lot of damage that will result in costly repairs in both your basement and your home.

Listed below are 4 irrefutable reasons why you need to waterproof your basement.


A dark, warm, and moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for molds. The basement of your home happens to have these same exact requirements in abundance. When left unchecked, mold can quickly over-run your basement making your home unsafe. Mold are organisms that cause serious illness in individuals, especially allergic people. Waterproofing your basement will keep it dry, thereby prevent the growth of mold and making your family home safe.

  1. KEEPING YOUR BASEMENT DRY Why should you waterproof your basement?

From recreation to the storage, your basement could serve a lot of purposes when kept dry. Waterproofing your foundation is a good way to prevent water from seeping into your basement through the walls of the foundation. Taking this extra precaution will put your mind at peace knowing you don’t have to worry about your basement getting flooded from leaks or moisture that seeps through foundation walls.


Moisture can cause furniture to rot, boards to warp, and foster mold growth in your home. This threat to valuable possession has caused homeowners to pay more attention to preventing water from seeping into their homes through the walls of their foundation. Waterproofing your foundation won’t only prevent water from seeping into your home, it will also ensure the ground where your foundation sits becomes less prone to shifting which will prevent severe foundation problems while also protecting against leaks.


Even though your basement has never been flooded, it’s still advisable you put protective measures in place. Waterproofing your foundation will shield your basement from every form of the adverse effect caused by water leaks and flooding. A good basement waterproofing system completely changes the way water interacts with your home’s foundation. This also goes a long way in determining the safety of your basement and home against any form of water damage.

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