3 Issues That You May Not Be Aware Of That Are Happening On Your Roof

We are taught in life to take care of our things and they, in turn, will last us a lot longer. We learn this from a very young age in relation to the toys that we have and as we grow up, it then applies to our cars and other assets. However, one of the biggest assets that we are likely to accrue in our lives is our home, and for some reason, we don’t seem to pay particular attention to the things that we should. You service your car when it needs it and you make sure that the oil and filter is changed regularly, but whenever there is a strong storm passing through the area, you never seem to get your roof checked afterwards.


We just assume that the roof is strong enough and that it will take care of itself, but your roof needs to be checked at least once every year and in NSW, slate roofing can come loose and if it isn’t put back in place, then you may be looking at bigger problems latter that are going to cost you thousands of dollars and maybe even your whole roof. There is a lot going on up there that you can’t see from the street and so you need to get the professionals up there to see what is what. There are so many issues that can occur and we will explore some of those now.

  1. As mentioned, your slate roofing and tiles frequently come loose due to high winds or hits from branches and other debris. If these are not replaced or put back into place, then you will experience rain leaks into your roof space and further into the house. If left unchecked, it could cost you thousands to repair and it could have all been avoided, if you had just gotten your roofer to check it for you.
  2. Due to the rain, algae and moss can form on your slate roof and this buildup can lead to moisture retention and the rains ability to drain away effectively from your roof. This needs to be removed and it is a job for your local roofing company who can power house it away. It is a time consuming, dirty job, but it is essential to protect and maintain your roof.
  3. The guttering frequently gets clogged up with leaves, twigs and dead animals and this affects the water drainage from your roof and away from your home. Ineffective drainage means that water will run down the walls of your home and affect your windows and doors. Your local roofing company can clear away all the blockages to avoid this happening.

If you haven’t done it yet, give your local roofing company in New South Wales a call and get them out to check your roof. It is money well spent.






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