Tips for Caring for and Maintaining Composite Decking

Maintaining Composite DeckingComposite decking, which is made of recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fibres, is a popular alternative to wooden decks. It’s durable, doesn’t splinter and needs minimal care and maintenance. That makes it a solid option for those who don’t want to spend too much time on upkeep. Additionally, composite decking is available in various textures and hues that mimic the appearance and feel of wood.

Although composite decking does not require much effort to maintain it, you should still take care of your deck. That way, the material will maintain its like-new appearance for longer. On that note, here are several tips for proper care and maintenance of composite decking.

  1. Don’t Expose to Standing Water

Indeed, composite decking is designed to be resistant to water and the decay associated with decks made of wood. However, you should still try to minimize standing water. Mould and mildew can grow anywhere with moisture, and warm air, so it’s best to decrease such factors for maximum protection.

You can do so by ventilating the underside of your composite deck, redirecting dryer vents and downspouts, and using woven rugs. Also, if you apply mulch on your backyard garden, avoid placing it against the deck. If you spot water pools forming on the deck after the rainfall, consider readjusting the deck to boost drainage

  1. Unclog Gaps in the Composite Boards

Leaves, grass and other debris can get stuck in the gaps that exist between the composite decking boards. When the debris gets wet, that might promote organic decay of the surrounding region. So, whenever you notice any accumulation, take a spatula or a putty knife and use it to remove the trapped matter. Afterwards, spray the deck using a garden hose to ensure you rinse off any remnants.

  1. Sweep Regularly

Sweeping composite decking is an easy task and it prevents build-up of debris in the gaps. Always sweep regularly, particularly during the fall season when trees shed their leaves

  1. Clean Off Any Dirt and Salt

Whether it’s from a vase or foot traffic, dirt can accumulate on your composite deck over time. Moreover, the rock-salt that was used to melt the winter snow and ice may land on your deck. To get rid of the dirt and salt, begin by sweeping. Given that the debris doesn’t come off, scrub it away using a gentle non-metallic scrub brush, water and mild soap. After scrubbing, rinse the region.

  1. Clean Spills Immediately

Whenever you or someone else spills something on your composite deck, clean the mess immediately. Doing so will help to prevent formation of stains. If you notice some grease or grime on the deck, use a mild detergent.

With those tips your composite decking can last for a long time and maintain its beauty. If you are looking for composite decks in the UK, search no more. At Deckorum, we offer high quality composite decking and accessories for homeowners across England and Wales, our products are low maintenance, resistant to decay, do not warp or splinter and come in a fantastic range of colours and finishes. Moreover, our composite decking is fitted with non-slip features to safeguard you and your family. We also offer up to 25 years’ warranty on our products for your peace of mind.

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