A Brief Guide To Gutter Maintenance

Unprotected gutters need to be checked and unclogged regularly. The frequency depends on the home and environment however, on averages they should be cleaned 5 times a year to function optimally. A gutter guard installation pushes that to once every 2-3 or even 5 years, depending on the kind of gutter guards in Melbourne used. You can hire professionals to clear out clogged gutters for you, or can apply ‘Do-it-Yourself’ techniques. Hiring professionals involves a cost and research, while DIY involves spending time, energy and equipment.


Here are some preferred options for gutter maintenance:

Install Gutter Guard

There is no better alternative to gutter guards that can help you with gutter maintenance. Not only does it protect your gutter structure, but also your house.

A gutter guard is primarily installed to keep leaves and debris from accumulating and blocking the drainage system of your house, while allowing rainwater to flow freely through. In addition, gutter guards can keep away mice and other unwanted pests.

In spite of installing gutter guards in Melbourne, gutter maintenance is inevitable, however the cleaning frequency is greatly reduced. You can safely mistrust any advertisement which claims that their gutter guard system can ensure zero maintenance, because even the best gutter guards allow a small amount of debris to pass through and accumulate. The amount of effort needed to clean a guarded gutter is however minimal, as opposed to clearing an open gutter.

Hire Gutter Cleaning Services

Most companies that provide gutter guard installation services also have teamsthat clean gutters and provide general gutter upkeep services. Referrals are a good way to select a trustworthy company. Another way to find professionals trained to clean and manage gutters efficiently is to conduct internet research. Researching allowsyou to access plenty of options, obtain quotes and gives you detailed insights about each company.

Hire Local Help

Alternatively, you can ask local labourers to help out with gutter cleaning. The process requires removing leaves and other substances that have found their way into gutters and pipes (in the case of unguarded gutters). Drainage pipes should be flushedor cleared using adequate force to verify they are free from blockages.

Tackle the Problem Yourself

If you are comfortable with heights and have some practice with working on ladders, you can devote a weekend for tackling the task of gutter cleaning yourself. If you have a gutter mesh in place, you may only need to flush out the gutter with a strong jet of water. If you find any debris still accumulated, you can repeat the process until it is washed out. Review your gutters regularly to monitor the accumulated debris.

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