Design Ideas For Any Home With Decorative Ceilings

The majority if the interior designers focus on ceiling designs during the construction or renovation of the room. We will take a glance at four impressive ceiling designs here: vaulted ceiling, tray ceiling, cathedral ceiling, and drop ceiling. The ceiling is an essential component of any part of your home. The simple solution to a plain ceiling can be attained by adding hanging lights or a chandelier. Meanwhile, a distinctive patterned ceiling has its own grace; installation of pendant lights to ceiling is an option but not compulsory requirement.


Therefore, it is always recommended to add designed ceiling to your home to make it charming and adorable. Differently designed ceilings can be installed depending on the room size or heigh of the ceilings. Some of the interesting ceiling designs are going to be discussed in paragraphs below.

Ceiling Design Varieties

People often have the perception that ceiling renovation is pointless and a waste of money. But if you already have wooden or concrete ceilings, it is necessary to apply a design to shield it from the certain climate changes.

Vaulted Ceiling

Vaulted ceilings are one of the most interesting ceiling designs and most chosen ones as they give a comfortable and friendly touch to the room. It consists of a high roof with two sloping sides- usually with the same length. These ceilings are also available in curved, domed and barrel shapes. The variety of designs gives the fancy and unique appearance to the room. Without any doubt, the vaulted ceiling looks stunning and elegant. These are usually applied where the wooden ceiling is required. Captivating colors and grained textures engraved in woods present an appealing decor to the ceiling. However, it is bit expensive than other ceiling designs.

Drop Ceiling

Drop ceiling add modernity to the house. Due to the low height of these ceilings, it makes the room appear smaller. Drop ceilings add a touch of warmth,, grace and modernity to the space. In addition to the style, it is a very economical home renovation solution as it helps to instantly cool or warm the room due to less room volume- thus significantly reducing the electricity bills. It is one of the best eco-friendly design! Moreover, the proper use of lighting adds elegance to the room. This design is ideal for application in kitchens, drawing rooms, offices and bedrooms. Drop ceiling consists of tightly packed panels, which have either smooth shiny surface or rough texture, that are usually filled with vibrant colors to splash the room with an amazing lighting effect.

Tray Ceiling

Tray ceiling is another fabulous design that solely used for high ceilings. It is given this particular name because of its high similarity with the inverted tray. It features a flat depression surrounded with decorative molds. Installation of lights such as pot lights produces reflected look to the walls and floor. Contrasting selection of colors for the inner part and the surrounding panels adds aesthetic beauty to space. Moreover, it gives a sensation of airy room. This design builds an atmosphere of simplicity. Overall, tray a ceiling add a dramatic touch to the living room.

Cathedral Ceiling

Cathedral ceiling is best suited for large homes with high ceilings. They give an illusion of wide and enormous rooms as high ceiling increases the overall volume. The combination of increased space with light colors gives refreshing and cool ambiance to the room. One can easily spot cathedral ceiling in old churches that have high curved roofs. Applying a cathedral ceiling to a living room or a hall results in elevated domed shaped ceiling usually with a spherical shape curved inwards. This huge structure is supported by beams.

An artistic combination of dark and light shades on the ceiling can apply an eye-catchy theme to the room. Such composition alters the focus to the room ceiling and accentuates the beautifully carved details. However, hanging lights should be used with this design to illuminate the room well as it has higher ceiling compared to other ceiling models. One can also use this ceiling in a small room to broaden its corners and make it appear wider. Cathedral ceiling is a fantastic ceiling style that possesses the authority to make your living room appealing.

You can choose your favorite design from a range of ceiling ideas present in the market. Each design has a particular set of features. Therefore, choose ceiling design wisely to make sure that it matches the theme of not only your room but the entire house.

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