Top 5 Ways for Using Lockers in the House

There is no doubt about the importance of lockers in the house. Be it living room or kids room, lockers are used everywhere. In fact, they are extremely useful for keeping things in place. There is no better storage option than home lockers. Schaefer Shelving and offers wide range of locker options from which you can choose according to your home requirements. Here are some ways which can help you use lockers in your home.


In the Hallway of the House

 A nice way to replace old house closets is by including lockers. Placing lockers at the entryway can add style that can catch attention of every guest. Since entrance or hallway is high traffic area, adding a locker will help you make some room for movement. To make things easier, try to choose lockers that are narrow and tall. This will help you save the vertical space, by keeping it out of your way and also make it accessible for family members and guests. Interestingly, you can also use lockers to store out of season clothing such as woolens, jackets, gloves and more.

In the Home Office or Study Room

 Every house has a study room or work room that requires you to store important documents. Apart from storing clothes in lockers, you can also use it to keep files, papers and other necessary items such as chargers, cords and more. In fact, keeping lockers in work room also adds style to your character. If you have a home office, there is nothing better than keeping lockers. All you need to do is make sure that locker doesn’t take too much space. Along with this, two section lockers are also good option for home office use. Schaefer Heavy Duty Schelving and Lockers makes your work lot easier.

In the Bedroom

 Keeping a locker in bedroom is another way to manage the clutter. But for that, you need to select lockers that are available in stylish and cool colors. The best thing is to keep lockers that match with room décor and color. You can use locker near stash table to store odd items and clothes. If you have enough closet space, you can keep locker inside it or behind the closet to store clothes, accessories, gear and seasonal garments. Apart from these, you can also keep locker as a standalone option.

In the Garage

 To keep garage items, essentials, tools, gardening supply and gears you will need sturdy and big sized lockers. You can either separate items on each shelf of the locker or you can keep different sizes of locker for every essential. What’ really great is locker can even function as a work table or potting table. This will help you keep all the necessary and important items within your fingertips. It will save time as you won’t need to search for items everywhere.

In the Living Room

 You can also keep lockers in your living room area. In fact, you can add some glamour to your living space with the help of these lockers. These are great for smaller spaces and for lofts. There’s no doubt tall lockers add space, thereby creating some sitting room. You can add one or two tall lockers at the front, center or back of the living room.


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