A Quick Guide To Choosing A New Kitchen

Renovating the kitchen is a task that is often put off by homeowners, partly due to the cost of undertaking such a project, and also on account of the disruption of being without a kitchen while everything is ripped out and replaced!


 But updating your kitchen can make all the difference to how your family can enjoy your home, how you feel about spending time in there, and even the resale value of your home, so it is a project well worth considering.

 If you’ve decided that it is time to take the plunge and update your kitchen you may have a clear vision or you may feel like you’re unsure where to start, but whichever camp you fall into we are here to bring you this quick guide to make sure you’ve thought of everything!

 Think about how you want to use the space

Are your needs for the space different to when you first moved into the property, or have you just moved into a property where the kitchen just doesn’t quite fit with your lifestyle? It’s important to make sure you take the time to think very carefully about both your current and future needs, and really decide what you want from he room.

 For example, perhaps you are only using the room to cook in at present, but a few years down the line you could see yourself expanding your family unit, and need a space to all eat together too, in which case it is well worth thinking about this now so that you can save yourself having to undertake another renovation project before you absolutely need to.

 Make sure you maximise storage

We spoke to the kitchen experts at Aston Designs who told us “many people make the mistake of not fully thinking through storage requirements and then finding that they do not have a home for everything.

 Consider carefully whether you want your appliances on show or tidied away, and if so where they should live. We also advise installing your kitchen cabinets right up to the ceiling, as this space is often wasted and only ends up gathering dust.

 There are plenty of clever storage hacks you can implement these days, from pull out shelves to rotating storage in corner cupboards, so that you can really make the most of every inch of space.”

 Consider safety and durability

Think about your lifestyle and seriously ask yourself whether the materials you are considering using are appropriate and practical.

 For example, stone flooring can be beautiful if you are committed to having it resealed, but if this level of maintenance and upkeep seems like something you would not wish to have to keep on top of, consider if it’s worth it.

 You will also need to be mindful of things such as the height of stovetops if you are going to have children running around.

Renovating your kitchen is a very worthwhile and rewarding project, and we hope we have given you some pointers if you are considering taking on this exciting renovation yourself. If you need some inspiration we love this gallery from Country Living, which has plenty of before and after pictures!

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