Sewer Adoption Explained

Sewer Adoption

In the UK, there is a nationwide system of sewers, and the network is divided into regions, with each region being under the jurisdiction of the relevant local water company. It is their responsibility to maintain and monitor the entire sewage system within their boundaries, which would be considerable, and they would need a huge amount of resources to effectively manage the region’s sewer system.

New Construction Projects

Let us take, as an example, a housing development in Hampshire. The property developer would have to seek out a contractor to design, build and install a sewer system, and of course, the new system would have to be adopted by the local water company. This effectively means that from day one, the water company will allow the housing development sewage system to be connected to the main sewage system. If your project requires sewer adoption, there are experienced companies in the UK that can design, build and install the system, while also facilitating the adoption process.

Certified Standards

The local water company will demand that the sewer to be adopted is built in accordance with very strict regulations and guidelines, as adopting it will put a responsibility upon the local authority and therefore, they need to be certain there will not be problems in the future. Inspections and the right documentation would have to be produced, but the contractor that installed the system would normally deal with this side of the project.

Established Contractor

If your project requires a pumping station or sewer for adoption, then you need to source a reliable contractor, one that has extensive experience in this field, and most importantly, a firm that has the necessary resources to handle such a project. Local water companies often approve certain contractors, and you should only deal with contractors that have accreditation within the industry. Ideally, the contractor would have an in-house design team who are very experienced in working within a range of industries, and with a comprehensive service, the developer is free to focus on other aspects of the project.

Private Homes

If a new home is constructed, the same process must be undertaken, although the system would be small when compared to a civil or industrial project. The sewer would need to be adopted by the local water company, and it would therefore need to meet with their requirements. A swimming pool would require a pump station, along with a connection to the sewer system to allow for pool drainage, and an experienced contractor would be able to handle such a small project.

System Design

The sewer system would first have to be designed, and providing this is approved, the build can commence. Large construction projects have tight deadlines to work to, which is why you would need an established sewer system provider, and any delays at this stage could be very costly.

Sewer adoption occurs across the nation, as new buildings apply to be connected to the mains system, and providing the system meets with the water company’s requirements, the adoption process is usually straightforward.

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