Advantages Of Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies

Since carpets get very dirty very easily, almost everyone does their best to pay attention to this fact, cleaning them regularly with at least a vacuum cleaner. However, although some commonly seen spots could be cleaned with things on hand, you won’t be able to remove all stains with regular means, especially if your time is short and you do not want to spend too much money on cleaning.


Imagine you are arranging a party or some other celebration and your guests are arriving in an hour. Everything is perfect until you drop a bottle of wine on the carpet. Not only is everything soaking wet, but it is virtually impossible to clean it quickly using detergents at hand. There is a handy solution at the ready however, and that is the professional carpet cleaner. Professionals have all sorts of cleaning equipment, which an individual typically wouldn’t have available because they are expensive and it would be wasteful to use them, unless they are involved in everyday carpet cleaning. A professional will clean the carpet in no time (the cleaning of an entire average-sized carpet takes up to 20 minutes, depending on the material of which the carpet is made, its thickness and how dirty it is), saving you time, much nerves and money.

And you do not have to bring your carpet to have it cleaned – people of the company will come at once to the destination you have specified. Hiring professionals means that it is them who do the cleaning and not you. Thus, you may continue with the preparation for your party without worrying for the carpet.

The method, which is used by the professional carpet cleaners, is called “dry cleaning” and the equipment they use is categorized as “very low moisture”, which means it is extremely effective. Furthermore, the dry ingredients, which are used in the process, are harmless for us, while the disinfecting detergents usually contain hazardous ingredients.

There are many ways carpets are cleaned professionally, but what we call dry cleaning can be summarized in the following methods:

Dry Compound Cleaning

Using a biodegradable absorbent, cleaners spread the substance around on the carpet surface. It then gets brushed inside the carpet so small particles of dust can attach to the cleaning agent, followed by removal with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Encapsulating Technology

This process uses a deep-cleaning compound substance that helps absorb and dissolve dust and dirt from the carpet. It is usually applied with a machine with a rotary brush applicator. The dry residue after that is vacuumed again, thus allowing a quick and easy solution to most cleaning needs.

Bonnet Cleaning

This type of cleaning involves using a round bonnet rubbing a cleaning mixture in a rotary motion into the carpet. It is a strong, mechanical way of removing dust from the carpet surface. This method may not always be considered a “dry” cleaning, so it includes some amount of drying as well.

Shampoo Cleaning

Rotary machines used alongside an industrial-grade shampoo, followed by a vacuum cleaning of the liquid is another type of cleaning. This is one of the most effective methods involved in carpet cleaning.

Dry Foam Cleaning

Using a special machine, this foam gets applied to the carpet itself. It is a low-moisture, pressure cleaning system which deep cleans everything that can be cleaned. It is a quick and efficient method which leaves little need for drying after it is complete.

Carpets usually gather lots of dust, which with time affects the health of those who end up breathing it. Even if you try to vacuum off the carpet regularly about once a week, there will still be some dust left behind. The tiniest bits of dust cannot be stopped by the hairs in the human’s nostrils. Although you cannot have them cleaned, a professional cleaning equipment will. After the carpet is cleaned by a professional, it will no longer possess a threat to your health. For more ideas:

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