How To Keep Your Home Clean And Tidy

There is a simple way of cleaning the house and still have your weekends free, learn what it is the secret in this article.


Everyone wants to have a neat, tidy and clean home, but it is extremely hard to go to work and manage a house at the same time. After all it is not normal to have around twenty hour working schedule, is it? It is even harder if the family members don’t help and you have to do all the home and upholstery cleaning chores by yourself. Fortunately there are some methods which will help you organize your time and preserve some strength.

Get Some Help – You Can’t Cope With Everything

The perfect option is you’ll get some help form your family, that way cleaning will be a lot faster and easier. The most important thing is to make a schedule and distribute the activities at hand, for example one is going to do the dishes, while another member of the family is going to mop the floor. That way you’ll be able to clean everything more thoroughly, meaning you’ll have the weekend for pleasure and lazy activities.

There are four types of cleaning chores – daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Of course you can’t avoid the big Spring and Autumn cleaning, but if you’re constant and determined you’ll loose only two weekends for the entire year. I’ll give you my families schedule as an example and you can remake it so it fits your needs and time. I have two teenagers, which are very helpful and well trained to deal with more complicated cleaning chores.

My daughter can even clean stain from the upholstery and carpets, but for that later. Since the children are home early they can determine what needs to be cleaned and where we should concentrate our efforts. By the time we’re home the floor is wiped, all the rugs and carpets are vacuumed, the dust is removed, all the dirty clothes are in the laundry washing. When I get home I have to cook the dinner, afterwards my husband takes care of the dishes and I iron the clothes.

This way we have enough time to watch a movie or play a game, some family bonding time and all the work is done. There is a day in which we take care for the trash and bathroom, but is doesn’t take more than half an hour, since we do it once or twice a week. Another thing which helps to reduce the cleaning time – when someone takes something they put it back where it belongs. And for the more complex tasks like thorough cleaning of the carpet, we hire professional cleaning company.

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