Call the Experts for a Dependable Boiler Heating System

Heating System

There are two parts to a boiler heating system, which is an energy-efficient method of keeping the interior of your home warm and comfortable. The boiler is the heart of the installation since it heats and distributes the water. The heated water flows through a network of pipes, the second major part of the total system.

Efficient Heating Method

Pipes are generally installed in walls or in the subfloor of each room and as the water flows through the pipes, the heat radiates into the room. This gives boiler systems the name radiant heating. This method is energy efficient mainly because water is a better medium for thermal transfer than air. Water is able to retain heat for a longer period. Because the heat from the water is transferred to the floors and walls, the heat is more efficiently used. In addition, a forced-air system can develop air leaks.

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Benefit From Experience

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