What does a Furniture Removalist do

Furniture Removalist

Let’s face it, when you think about the most common stereotypical image of furniture removalists, it will usually be of some burly fellows who lift heavy refrigerators and pianos and transport them down five flights of stairs. They are also unfairly seen as not being too careful with your cherished belongings and precious keepsakes, bashing them into walls and bannisters while remaining blissfully ignorant of the scratches, blemishes and dents compiling on Grandma’s curio cabinet or that eighteenth century chest of drawers.

But being honest, however, reputable removalists will handle your beloved items as if they were their very own. After all, it’s in their best interest to do the best job available, to ensure the upkeep of their good name and reputation. Bad name and reputation will ensure that employment will be limited, especially with the easy access to positive or negative reviews on the internet, theses days.

Only a Part

A furniture removalist certainly does move furniture, but that remains only a part of his entire job description. The majority of reliable furniture removalists in Melbourne are dealing with an entire home’s worth of furniture, devices, and boxes. While a removalist will come to your home to relocate individual items – such as moving a billiard table from an upper floor of a home to the basement – the majority of his duties revolve around the packing, listing, loading, transporting, and then unloading of all your worldly possessions. It is actually a profession that is neither easy nor simple.

Before a furniture removalist even lifts a single item, he will go around your home and put numbered stickers on all packed boxes, appliances, and pieces of furniture. These items will then all be written down on an inventory list. The removalists will keep one copy, and one more will be given to the customer. After the customer has reviewed the list and signed it, the moving process will start. There are some cases, where the customer has paid for the extra service for the removalists to pack the boxes themselves, carefully making sure to professionally pack all them to avoid any possibility of breakage.

Let it Begin

Then the moving can begin, with the furniture removalist surrounding anything with thick blankets any items that might be scratched, scraped or easily damaged. All items are then taken and put on a truck, and safely and securely tied down and strapped so that they don’t move around in transit. In many cases, one of the furniture removalists will be the truck driver, transporting your furniture and items to your new home. Upon arrival at your new address, the removalists will unload the truck and carry the items into your new abode.

At this point in the operation, the moving process goes into reverse. Both the customer and removalist will tick each numbered item off their inventory sheets as they are unloaded from the truck. A good job will ensure that everything from silverware to double-door freezers will get there perfectly on time and fully intact.

Moving is a lot more than you’d imagine!

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