Converting a Loft Makes Sense in Today’s Housing Market

housing marketWhen you convert a loft, you add space to your home without having to build an extension. What could be simpler? You also experience other benefits that are well worth noting.

Making a Decision

The following elements are considered when converting a loft:

  • If your loft has a head height of at least 2.3 metres, it usually can be converted. However, you still have to consider the location of the water tank or chimney. The pitch of the roof factors into a decision to convert as well.
  • If you need more bedrooms or bathrooms, a loft conversion can balance out your entire living space.

A Better Return on Investment

Additionally, you will receive a good return on your investment when you choose to convert. Usually, you will increase the value of your home by about £50,000 as most conversions cost about £30,000.
Accordingly, plan to budget the following amounts for Portsmouth loft conversions:

  • A roof light conversion costs about £1,350 per square metre.
  • A dormer conversion costs around £1,450 per square metre.
  • Mansard conversions cost about £2,200 per square metre.

Conversion Types

Conversions come in six primary types. These types are as follows:

  • Roof light conversions require less building work. As a result, these conversions are considered more cost-efficient. Usually, modifications are only made to the windows.
  • Dormer conversions are the most popular conversions.
  • Gable to gable conversions represent and extension between the gables.
  • Hip to gable conversions are normally seen on semi-detached homes.
  • Mansard conversions are designed to add to the volume of the house’s design.
  • Modular extensions are recommended for homes where the loft space cannot be converted.

Conversions can make remodelling easier. Look at your options today.

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