Upcoming interior design trends for 2018

Like to keep an eye on interior design trends? Well, here’s our run down of the best to look out for in 2018, so you can get started on your design projects.   

Grey tones

Use a pale soft grey as the perfect backdrop in your home; it’s versatile and unobtrusive, showing your statement accessories to their best advantage. Grey has the extraordinary capacity to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter; a characteristic few hues possess, so introduce it into your home without delay.   

Crafts with a twist

Look at traditional crafts with a fresh eye and introduce handmade items into your home that show personality or adopt a new take on an ancient technique. Look out for a statement hand thrown vase in a jewel-like colour or put your feet up on a knitted pouffe, they’re all the rage right now.             

Berry red

Introduce a splash of strident colour with some berry and plumb coloured accessories, think of your favourite summer fruits and introduce deep velvet cushions, a statement chair or a  cosy throw to warm you on a winter’s night.

Sienna surpasses all

If berry shades are not to your liking, another strong colour that’s been making its mark on the interior design world is burnt sienna. This deep warm orange is a perfect match for the mid-century chic that’s been so popular in recent years and a great foil for your vintage g-plan or ercol furniture.

Lighting tops the agenda

Rethink the lighting in your home and introduce some statement lamps to make a focal point in your home, place them with care and you’ll not only add interest but light up a dark corner too. Look for designs that cast attractive shadows around your room, giving a woodland or floral effect.     

Bloomin’ marvellous      

Everything’s coming up roses in the interior design world with the use of massive, oversized floral prints in the home. Create an eye catching wall hanging with a remnant of colourful material or run up a couple of oversized cushions, so you’ll be on trend without breaking the bank.

Create a gallery feature

Create a gallery effect in your home by clustering a few paintings and pictures together; you can achieve this look in an extremely affordable way by scouring charity shops, car boot sales and auction house sales for art bargains. Otherwise frame favourite scraps of fabric, wallpaper, postcards or vintage embroidered linen; or cluster a few small mirrors together instead. You’ll create a captivating and eclectic feature.       

The light fantastic

Light filled rooms never go out of fashion. We know now that not only does a home full of natural light look good and attract potential buyers, but it will improve your well being too, so improve the light levels in your home.

Use a fresh coat of white paint to create a greater sense of space and to reflect the light around your home. Also, look at enhancing the light levels in your home by installing bi folding doors which will open up your home, let the sun in and allow you to enjoy the outside all year round.  

Your newly designed home

So there you have a rundown of up-coming interior design trends, now it’s time to get creative.   

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