Does Your Flat Roof Need Replacement


Flat roofs do not readily show that they need replacement – not like a peaked roof does. On a peaked roof, you will usually be able to spot shingles in bad repair. However, a flat roof gives little indication—at least visually—that it needs to be replaced. Only roof maintenance will determine how long a flat roof will last.

Remove Any Standing Water

One measure you must take if you have a flat roof is to remove standing water within 48 hours of its appearance. Any standing water will eventually cause the roof to leak. If the roof is large, you should install a roof pump or vent to remove excess moisture. Roofers in Goole suggest having a flat roof inspected on a regular basis, especially after heavy rainfall.

When You Should Replace a Flat Roof

You need to replace your flat roof if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • The ceiling is leaking
  • The roof displays broken panels
  • The vapour barrier is torn
  • The roof has a tar and rock covering and the undercoat is exposed

When a replacement for a flat roof is made, the roof is usually covered with a polyvinyl coating – one that will resist various weather extremes. Whilst the undercoating of the roof is supposed to be moisture-resistant, adding a top coat is one way to ensure that it stays that way. During nice weather, clean the roof of any debris that can lead to clogged drains. The top coating that is used should be a light colour to deflect the heat of the sun and reduce your building’s energy costs.

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