Is Your Felt Roof Leaking

Anyone who lives in the UK knows that it is not a good idea to have a leaky roof. It is usually harder to detect the problem if the roof is flat. However, the first signs that your roof may need fixing or need replacement will show up on the ceiling. Either you will notice dampness on the ceiling or water will drip from the site.

Inspecting a Flat Felt Roof

If you have a felt roof and are experiencing a leak, you first need to locate the source. A professional contractor who provides affordable roofing in Harrogate usually will take the following steps:

  • He or she will look in the top layer of the felt first. A leak in a felt roof is typically found in another area, not over the spot where the dampness appears in the ceiling. Instead, it will begin at a different location and run along the roof layers before seeping through the boarding.
  • The roofer will review the overall condition of the roof. If the covering is split, torn, or similarly degraded, a replacement will be recommended.
  • Localised repairs may be suggested for an otherwise serviceable roof. However, if the roof is older, the contractor will generally recommend re-roofing the building.
  • If dampness is near the wall or next to a pitched roof that is abutting a flat roof, the contractor will check for leaks in the area of the flashing.

The Reason for Blisters

If blisters are spotted on a felt roof, it is normally the result of trapped moisture or air. If they are found, the roofer will lightly press the covering to see if the surface is intact.

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