Five Tips to Update the Lighting in Your Home

Updating the lighting in your home can eliminate dark areas in the house, help save on energy costs, and be used as a design feature to focus on certain elements in a room. There are several types of light fixture styles that you can consider installing in order to see better in a room. Here are five tips to help you update the lighting in your home.

Make Staircases Safer

If your home has more than one level, you may need to add light for the staircase. Overhead lighting is insufficient and it can create dark shadows on steps, which can be dangerous. To brighten staircases, add directional lights for every second or third step at floor level so that you can see well while walking up and down the stairs. Use matching lights on landings for cohesiveness and to have a well-lit area.

Use Subtle Lighting

The dining room should be well-lit but bright overhead lights can be too harsh when you want to relax around the table with your family or friends. Instead, install a chandelier with a dimmer switch so the lighting can match the occasion. Wall lights and/or wall sconces placed by a mirror can create a nice effect in a dining room. When changing the lighting in the dining room or any other room, hire electrical contracting companies in Scotland so that the work is done quickly and safely.

Consider Recessed Lighting

When you want to augment rooms that have good natural light, consider installing recessed lighting. The can or pot lights help to eliminate dark areas in a room by shining a cone of light on those areas. When they are installed, the height of the ceiling helps to determine where the lights are placed as they will add light to a room due to the spread of their beams.

Layer Lighting

The kitchen is a great place to layer lighting as it can serve several purposes. If you wish to prep meals on the counters, install lighting underneath the cabinets because overhead lights will cast shadows and it can be hard to see what you’re doing. Add low hanging lights over islands to allow you to see better when chopping or cutting food and use either recessed lighting or place lights on top of the cabinets to provide light at night so people can see where they are going without turning on bright overhead lights.

Use LED Lights

LED lights have improved greatly and they are a great option when adding light to rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, or bedrooms. They are more energy efficient than incandescent lights, they do not create heat, and they last much longer as well. LED light strips can be installed above or below kitchen cabinets, around bathroom mirrors, and around the tops of the walls in a bedroom. Choose LED lights that change colour for fun in a child’s bedroom.

Updating the lights in your home can add value to it without spending a lot of money; plus, you will be able to see better throughout your house.

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