Pest Control Services – What to Look For

Pest Control Services

If you have need of pest control services at home, whether that’s to treat a pest infestation that you have identified or for preventative purposes, i.e. to prevent pests from making your home theirs, then you need to understand the qualities to look for in a good provider of pest control solutions.

To help you with this, take note of the following points as there are some essential qualities that you don’t want to overlook when searching for the best provider of pest control services in your area.

Fast Response

When you call a pest control specialist, you don’t want to wait a week or so until they can come to your home to inspect it, you need to find one that delivers a fast and guaranteed response. If you’re to source the best company specialising in pest eradication in Essex, then look for one that provides a prompt and guaranteed response to your request.

This is very important, as pest infestations which aren’t treated promptly can worsen, resulting in greater damage to property and infestations which are significantly harder to eradicate.

Free Site Survey

Something else to insist on is a free site survey, as a good pest control company will offer potential customers a free survey of their site so that they can provide them with a quote for their services. This should also include a risk assessment survey because due to the nature of pest control, there are risks involved when treating pest infestations. Although most pest control specialists will inspect the site for free, this is something to check just to make sure, after all, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Qualified Technicians

Pest control isn’t something that everyone can do, it requires training and subsequent assessments and certification, so when looking at the websites of local pest control companies, be on the lookout for qualified technicians, Moreover, ensure the company is a member of the local pest control organisations, like the BPCA and NPTA, which are the pest control industry organisations in the UK.

When a pest control company is a member of these industry organisations, it means that they have met the required standards for membership and that means their services are professional.

Public Liability Insurance

As mentioned above, as pest control does entail a certain amount of risk, which is why risk assessments are so important, it’s essential that the pest control company you choose to inspect your home and treat any pest infestations identified has the required public liability insurance cover. In addition to public liability insurance, many industry experts advise that private customers should also insist on employee liability insurance due to the nature of the work being performed.

To sum things up, pest control is essential as it helps to protect both people and property. If you’re to hire the right pest control company, there are a few things that you need to insist on, such as fast response times, free site and risk assessment surveys, qualified technicians, as well as employee and public liability insurance.

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