Maintenance Contracts – A Cost Effective Way to Keep your Home in Good Shape

Home in Good Shape

Like it or not, every dwelling requires specific maintenance, and every time a homeowner calls out a particular service, there will be a call out fee. This is normal, and as the service engineer must spend time travelling to your location, it is an accepted portion of the service costs, however, if you take out an annual service agreement with a reliable service company, you will find it is much cheaper in the long run.

Climate Control

If you have central heating, this should be inspected at least every 6 months, and the boiler efficiency depends on essential maintenance tasks, and by looking for any potential problems, the service engineer can replace defective components before they cause serious damage. There are reputable air conditioning repair service companies who would be happy to carry out regular servicing on an annual contract basis, and even if you have to call out the engineer for a repair job, as you are a regular customer, it would likely be cheaper.

Major Appliances

These should be looked at periodically, and the manufacturer would specify how often maintenance and servicing should occur. When you buy a new washing machine or stove, the retailer would offer you a service package, which might be for one year, or possibly longer, and if you take this out, then you are covered for all maintenance tasks for that specified period. Major appliances are never cheap and in order to maximise their value, it pays to have regular servicing, and even if you have an existing appliance, you can still find a service engineer who would perform the necessary maintenance tasks.

Reduce your Expenses

Running a home is never cheap, and if you can arrange for all your home maintenance to be contracted on an annual basis, it will save you a significant amount, and even if an emergency occurs, and you have to call the engineer out, the price would be lowered, as you have an ongoing service agreement with the company. It might take a while to source the right people and make the service agreements, but once this has been done, your home maintenance is covered and you can relax, safe in the knowledge that the many systems at home are being looked after.

Professional Servicing

It is never advisable to adopt the “have a go” approach and do it yourself, as this can cause serious problems, and not only that, any warranty their might be on a system would be void if an unqualified person attempted repairs or servicing. With an annual service contract, you are paying in advance, but as the servicing cannot be overlooked, it works out cheaper to contract the service engineer.

We are all looking for ways to reduce outgoings, and annual service contracts are one way of saving money, and with everything regularly serviced, your home is less likely to suffer a malfunction.

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