Got A Tree Stump That You Need To Get Rid Of

Tree Stump

Whether you have just moved into a home and want to do some outdoor renovations, or you want to do a little landscaping to update your garden areas, having trees removed is a very common procedure. Old trees, for example, can become a distinct problem when their root systems overgrow and start lifting up paving or concrete and even cracking parts of the home and foundations.

Dealing with Tree Stumps

The best way to deal with this problem is to remove the trees by chopping them down carefully, but this often causes another problem: leftover tree stumps. These tree stumps can look unsightly, but are also problematic for the following reasons:

  • The tree can start to grow back in some cases
  • The root systems can still grow and cause damage to the property
  • The stump can become a home for insect populations, including termites in some countries

The good news is that the best stump removal services in Bournemouth can help with this situation.

Removing Stumps Completely

One of the challenges is that many property owners try to remove these stumps themselves. It is actually rather difficult to remove a tree stump and its roots in their entirety. If the stump is not removed completely, the dead wood will be left in the ground and can cause problems down the road. A company using professional equipment can remove a tree stump quickly, leaving it as mulch that can even be used to fertilise other areas of the garden.

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